The Spirit Of The Laws II


The Spirit Of The Laws II


R.E. Prindle

     From The Spirit Of The Laws by Montesquieu, Cambridge Edition p. 310:

     If there were in the world a nation that had a sociable humor, an openness of heart, a joy of life, a taste, an ease in communicating its thoughts, which was lively, pleasant, playful, sometimes impudent, often indiscreet; and which had with all that courage, generosity, frankness, and a certain point of honor, one should avoid disturbing its manners by laws, in order not to disturb its virtue.  If the character is generally good, what difference do a few faullts make?

     Montesquieu would have pleased to learn that such a country did come into existence.  I don’t think he would have been surprised that racial envy and internal dissensions caused by too many competing peoples tore it apart.


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