Mugabe, Zuma, Obama And The San Domingo Moment


Mugabe, Zuma, Obama And The San Domingo Moment


R.E. Prindle

Check out the new white Tennies. Shoe laces tied too.  Note the glasses.

Check out the new white Tennies. Shoe laces tied too. Note the glasses.


     Today as we speak three native Africans are in charge of what once were White countries dominating Blacks.  Today the situation is entirely reversed.

     And what a crowd.  Mugabe is a mass murderer of Whites and Matabele Zulus not to mention tens of thousand of deaths of  his own Shona and others achieved by maximum incompetence.  Zuma of South Africa is a rapist, has 783 counts of corruption against him.  Obama, a native Kenyan has obtained the presidency of the United States  by deceit and fraud and has within three short months trashed the economy while dismissing the president of General Motors from his job.  He has humbled and humiliated the White people he hates as have his African fellows Mugabe and Zuma.  Mugabe, Zuma, Obama.  Three of a kind.

     Mugabe has destroyed the only productive class of people in Zimbabwe while driving them from the country.  Zuma and the South African Bantus have enslaved the Whites in all but name as extermination quietly goes on.

     While Whites crow because Africans have the lowest IQs on the planet these putative morons have somehow managed to dispossess the magnificent White brains of the planet.  As in San Domingo the Africans rose up and murdered  the Whites so plans have been laid to exterminate White people from the planet.

     Do the Whites resist?  No.  Two thousand mile an hour jet fighters scream impotently through the air.  The auto industry lies prostrate.  A Chicago street worker tells the head of General Motors to go home and the head of GM goes home.

     Of what use are mighty brains without the will to survive?   Brains that conquered disease, transplanted hearts, and made lame people walk, the blind to see.  Things that no Black person who has ever lived could dream of doing.

     How is it that the people with an average IQ of circa 80 have taken the world away from a people with a median IQ of 115-120?  How is it these brains who defeated the mighty Nazis, faced down the Communist USSR, ran the screaming Banshee Japanese to ground at one and the same time and that with their enemies aided and abetted by tens of thousands of traitors sabotaging their efforts, how can they submit meekly to a people with a putative IQ of 80?

      Obviously brains are worth nothing.  One of the finest backbones in the world has inexplicably turned to jelly.

     Are you racists?  Well, then, for God’s sake act like racists.

     Remember the San Domingo Moment, exterminate or be exterminated.  Morality is not the issue.

     Mugabe, Zuma, Obama! 

What kind of bad joke is this?


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