Henry Ford And Barry Obama


Henry Ford And Barry Obama


R.E. Prindle

Hooray For Honkety Hank And His Hootenanny Automobile

-Traditional Folk Song


     I grew up in Michigan where GM was king.  They were a most arrogant king.  I have always had a deep seated grudge against them.  I take a certain amount of pleasure in their humbling.  At the other extreme I have an unrecountable loathing for Walter Reuther and his Wobbly industrial union of the UAW of which I was at one time a card carrying member.

     I have no love for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and that lack of affection extends to his epigone Barry Hussein Obama alias Bill Ayers.  The auto industry built the prosperity of this country.  The edifice was so magnificent the Communists, of which both FDR and Barry are ones, have always hated and envied the auto industry for aborting their plans of continual poverty for the working man.

     It was back in 1914 that Henry Ford gave the lie to the Communist interpretation of economics and led the unskilled workers into the closest approach to paradise they will ever know.  The Communists cursed Ford in 1914 biding their time until they got their man FDR into office in 1933.  Reuther and his Red cohorts were ready.  Shortly after Roosevelt took office passing enabling legislation Reuther and his Communists organized a march on Ford’s River Rouge plant.  The Rouge was the hugest and most efficient industrial plant ever created.  It’s only fair to say that the bulk of the marchers were dupes and Reuther could never be forced to admit he was a Communist. 

     The march was not a mere demonstration for more bucks but the intent was to seize the Rouge, occupy it and lay it waste destroying the machinery and burn it down.   This would have put tens of thousands of workers out of employment for an indefinite period.  This is the concern Communists have for the ‘masses.’  As is well known Ford was not the pushover this GM jerk was.  Ford was ready and he fought for his property and rights.  I think it was Sherman who said:  ‘War is hell’, well, this industrial war turned into a frigid hell for the Communists.  In the depths of a freezing winter Ford turned the fire hoses on the Reds.  Ford Service Department went hand to hand with the Communist leaders.  It was necessary for Reuther to lead his troops or he probably would have directed from the sidelines.  In a fair fight on the overpass Reuther and his associates took a good beating.

     Of course the Red press portrayed the Communists as proletarian ‘heroes’ who had lost to the ‘goon squad’ of Ford but Henry protected his property of the Rouge.  FDR took a black eye but he got Henry back a few years later when all the lush defense contracts were awarded elsewhere than to the man who could have done it best and cheapest.

     Sixty years later FDR’s epigone gave the coup de grace to GM.  The Communists avenged the River Rouge drubbing in a fashion.


One comment on “Henry Ford And Barry Obama

  1. Your depiction of GM, Ford,the UAW, and Reuther are excellent. I too witnessed the arrogance of GM while working for them in 1963, but Reuther was more arrogant. I saw GM cave in to him several times. If they had any balls they would have crushed the union back then. The fear of losing business to Ford and Chrysler caused them to give in.

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