Sewell Avery And The Great Black Hope


Sewell Avery And The Great Black Hope


R.E. Prindle

     How long are we to suffer the incompetence of Barry and his Boys.  In only fifty days he and they have completely trashed the United States.  I don’t think even Reverend Manning thought Barry could work so fast.

     As Barry says, this is just the beginning, it goes downhill from here.  So let’s take a lesson from Sewell Avery. 

     For those who don’t remember Avery he was CEO of Montgomery Ward back when they existed.  (Wink, wink.  Get the hint?)  He wasn’t cooperating with the Pres. (FDR at the time) so they sent in the army and physically removed him from his office.


     Let that be a lesson to us.  Form a million man march on Washington and get the job done.  Walk right into the White House, pick Barry up and put him on a plane bound for Nairobi.

     Then over to Congress to form a bucket brigade and begin tossing those worthless Congresspeople into the street beginning with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel.  Save Ted Kennedy for me.  I would love to escort His Worthlessness to the door.

Sounds sort of rash but I’m afraid there’s nothing for it.  Talking nice isn’t getting anything done.  Whoever sent this B team in to play anyway?  Not me.









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