Seeing The Real Africa

Seeing The Real Africa


R.E. Prindle


     For some reason the above link  was listed as relevant to my post Nixing The Ugly American.  I have apparently been targeted by this site as often three out of four relevant posts are from the site.  That means that any possible referrals are subsumed into this African waste basket pretty effectively limiting my reach.  That it is attached to Nixing, a post definitely not related to Africans would seem to indicate I am being monitored by ‘Africa’ and censorship by Africans is at least being attempted or thought desirable.

     The above linked article indicates that Africans do not believe they are accurately represented in the US media.  Bobby Mugabe having been given virtually a free ride with an unlimited pass seems to contradict the notion but, um, well…the Liberal media is indeed biased.

    The writer wants Africa’s high rise buildings and five star hotels shown more than they are.  The only problem there is that they were built by money sucked out of the Euroamerican taxpayer,  And built by EuroAmerican architects, engineers and techniques.  The only Africans involved were the hodcarriers.   I watch little TV and yet from that little I have seen Ghana’s high rise buildings, five miles of quality highway and magnificent tarmac.  All EA built with EA money.  I’ve also seen the mega square miles of squalid slums without sewage where people wade through piles of garbage and …whatever.  No toilet facilities I could see either.   African built with African…money?

     But, the writer continues:  I have seen slums and squalor in Nigerian cities of Dopemu and Calabar but I have also seen slums and squalor in American cities of Detroit and Chicago.

     Why, of course you have.  We live in a global society, Sir, and America is one of the few truly global areas of the world; hence we have many large African colonies and you named two of them:  Detroit and Chicago.  Dopemu and Calabar, two other African cities, look just like Detroit and Chicago. That’s because customs don’t change when a people shifts around the globe.  Their habits remain the same.  As Dopemu, so Detroit.  Can you understand that, Sir?

     Also, Sir, perhaps you should note this.  Can you point out one of the dozens of African countries that has a White president?  No, sir, you cannot.  And yet single America has an African president.  By African I do not mean merely Black, I mean a man born in Africa, an actual citizen of Kenya.  True.  Your man Obama is the son of an unmarried White woman and an African prince who was born in Nairobi.  He is not even legally qualified to be the President of the United States yet there he sits.

      The real Africa?  Blow it out your nose and may an elephant caress you with with its toes.  Leave the planet; you’ve overstayed your welcome.


6 comments on “Seeing The Real Africa


    Whoever wrote this forgot about or not aware of the billions in petrodollars and other natural resources that have been siphoned from Africa to America and Europe. He also forgot that the wealth that was seen by Europeans necessitated their forceful invasion and takeover of Africa during colonization. What about the strength America saw that triggered her into tricking and conscripting Africans into slavery to build the nation’s foundation without pay?

    It’s same wealth, same treasures that keep the American, British and other European Governments-China inclusive- hooked to encouraging wars in Africa, by supplying arms, training and other logistics. The George W. Bush administration especially concentrated on these mechanics to drain Africa, while assisting from one end.

    But, a point of note remains that no American dollar from the Federal Government enters Africa without something expected in return.
    Meanwhile, at the end of these wars these governments expects to reap a payback with the extraction of natural resources. The IMF and other world bank loans, which the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank-so-called-has greater control is another measure applied by the west to strike down Africa.

    Nations of the continent are tricked into taking these loans which the above institutions know can’t pay back. At the end, the natural resources of said nations are demanded in return. This trend and the U.S. high demand for oil-even though it’s more oil/gas reserves these nations but only extracts 15% due to community activism and outrage to safe the environment-encourages the wars on resources like those in Congo and Nigeria to mention but few. Are we’re familiar with the “Blood Diamond?”

    Due to oil interest between 2007 and 2008, former president Bush was reported to have donated gunboats to the Nigerian Government to help crush the Niger Delta “freedom fighters” and people who are demanding their fundamental rights to control their environment from degradation, oil/gas resources from the government, Chevron, $hell Oil and other foreign and white environmental destroyers from the west.

    Interestingly, in his own home state, Texas, they control their oil wealth and pays taxes to the central government. He was also reported to have approved the deployment of the U.S. Marines in 2005 to help fight the Niger Delta people and freedom fighters so that oil would flow unhindered to his coffers/America. That plan was averted due to intensive pressure. The slave mentalities of America and the west toward Africa haven’t changed as we can see them manifest through the mainstream media.

    Imagine negative comments portraits such as: we’re no people; we’re a one-third, fourth or even fifth of human beings. This was used to address Blacks in America. Yet they will not leave our resources alone nor can they do without us.

    All we Africans are demanding is respect for who we’re, that the American media sticks to media ethics and balance their reporting by covering the good and bad in the most honest way and not just the negatives. This is because it’s the right and credible thing to do. And there are as well a lot of negative things in America to talk about.

    For example, the country has repeatedly won the number one homicide nation’s award in the world. What about its more than 40 million people who are poor? About the same number are illiterates and many more are “educated illiterates.” The greatest dilemma is RACISM, selective justice and “driving while black.”

    What about high level exploitation by taxation and compelling people to doing things against their wishes-living people without choices and call it freedom? Must we go back and forth with these call outs? The time they dissipate in misinforming or spreading unwarranted propaganda against Africa could have been devoted into focusing and resolving these problems/moral decadence.

    Meanwhile, the writer’s claims that all the high rise buildings in Ghana were brought about by “money sucked out of the Euroamerican taxpayer, and built by EuroAmerican architects, engineers and techniques,” are half-truth. Africa is one of the richest if not the richest continent of the world.

    But Euro-American rapes,hyper-exploitation(slavery,colonization and more), and the irresponsible behaviors of most so-called African leaders/politicians I prefer to call dealers or nuisance, have drained and slowed its pace to development, especially in science and technology. Yet there are Africans around the globe, which includes African-Americans celebrated daily as they excel in science and technology-though some aren’t given the credit and attention they deserve.

    The writer is also dishonest about the cities in America with slums. He claims Detroit and Chicago are such cities or the only two and attributed the reasons to Africans who were forced into slavery and after years of the most inhuman treatment their children, African-Americans spread into and dominated these cities.

    Whereas there may be slums in the above cities, there are also slums in most American cities including Washington, DC, the seat of government, which regularly host beggars and homeless people hovering around “White House.”

    This writer should know also that Africa’s architectural works have come of age. Civilization also started in Africa,just like the new world migration started from the continent to Europe and went further as studies have shown. Remember the architectural works; the arts or mysteries of Egypt. The first university in the world was in Timbuktu-Mali, and it taught many around the world.

    Africa has contributed tremendously both in natural, human and otherwise resources to global development and shouldn’t be bashed by the American media as a dying or dead continent. The media have so misrepresented or disinformed the population that most Americans don’t know Africa is a continent of about 52 countries with their uniqueness, riches, diverse cultural heritages, beauties, challenges and success stories like America.

    They still ask among others, if Africans wear clothes, shoes; live in the forest with animals; if they attend parties or church services. Furthermore, they ask if we all come to the U.S. to learn English, which is because they didn’t know countries of Africa that were colonized by the brutish British, like America was colonized have English as their official language but in their unique accent that is different from America’s.

    Although the latter has English as its first language, no study has shown that Americans are more English than the former in proper English. Ironically, some if not most Americans would initially not listen to you because they think their accent is the best so everyone that don’t speak like them understand less or no English.

    This is sad considering the hard work put into information systems and communications’ advancement or technology that is at their disposal and should have helped them figure things out instead of being bamboozled by the media.

    My point here isn’t to castigate America because I’m one of its citizens by naturalization. Of course history shows we’re one people! Obviously those of us who believe in God, believe that He created human beings in His image and not “Black and white” or Africa, North America, Europe, Asia, etc. But it’s proper to sometimes touch on these vexing issues in a civilized manner-and not shy away from them as most white American do racism-with the hope of having an understanding that could lead to amicable resolution of the impasse and a propensity to unite as a people. And it must be based on the truth and justice and not falsehood.

    Finally, no country or continent is perfect or without flaws-there is poverty, diseases, deaths, riches; the educated, uneducated and so forth in all nations of the world even though the degree varies. But by coming together to live happily and assist each other we’re attempting to complete our humanity-non can survive without the other.

    Therefore painting Africa in the most appalling manner will not solve the problem of HIV/AIDS around the world, or climate changes that are mostly caused by gas-flaring from companies such as $hell Oil. No, it will not heal the world! The media must stop now and cultivate the habit of equitable reporting in its honesty forms!

  2. Ben: Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I quite agree with you on many of them on the micro level. The shameful treatment of the indigenous tribes of the Oil Rivers should disgust any sensible and sensitive person. But the artificial State of Nigeria is as much to blame as anyone. All the Europeans did was draw a line around a million square miles, more or less, and call it Nigeria regardless of Yorubas, Ibos and dozens of other tribes.

    On the macro level what we have is the Darwinian clash of competing human species. There is no longer room in the world for all species. You can take pleasure in the fact that the Whites are presently the most threatened and may be the first to go. Africans will be right behind. The Chinese are moving into Africa and there isn’t room for both species. Africans will have to go. The Chinese will exterminate the whole continent. Dig it.

    I’m sure what you say about the World Bank is absolutely true. But how do you account for the Malagasy Republic leasing half its arable land to the Koreans in exchange for the right to be slaves on their plantations? How do you account for the Kenyans giving 40,000 acres to Qatar in exchange for a port to ship the produce out of the country? Nobody forced such deals on those countries.

    Whites were the best thing that ever happened to Africans. Whites showed the Africans how to be productive but Africans didn’t know how to take advantage of the teaching so you have and are murdering the Whites and invited the Chinese in. Slick move, Crisco.

    As for resources check the fab deals the Africans are making with the Asians of all stripes.

    Slavery my foot. Nobody tricked or conscripted Africans into slavery. Big money was made by Africans selling them. I get weary of this slavery bit. Google Trans-Sahara Slave Trade and have your eyes opened. Google Tippu Tib and become aghast.

    As for the Global Money Trust they are the enemies of all mankind not just the Africans. I gree with any charges you have against them.

    I’m not happy with things either but down here below it is survival of the fittest or, at least, the most cunning and sly. I’m in greater danger than you are. Me and mine are dealing with an African president assisted by Negroes, Semites, both Moslems and Jewish, who mean us no good.

    Cheers, and keep a stiff upper lip.

  3. I agree with you in some ways too. Remember, that I didn’t exonerate the irresponsible, selfish, incompetent and greedy leaders and politicians of most African nations. They have not make good the privileges or opportunities they have to transform the different nations and continent despite the bountiful wealth.

    Yet, those who have what it takes and have the people’s concerns at heart aren’t allowed to come closer. We know this.

    And although Rome wasn’t built in a day, open, free and fair elections and good governance remains a problem in Africa especially Nigeria that claims to be the “giant of Africa.”

    There is corruption in high places. Money stolen by dubious African leaders or dealers are stocked in American and European banks. If these people die the money for the most part benefit these nations that harbored stolen money through lawyers, companies and individuals.

    But we also know that the international financial institutions-world bank, etc.-uses the loan baits to also influence decisions in some of these nations and in non-state actor organizations such as the United Nation that stays manipulated by America, Britain, France, Russia, and China. They are used to lobbying or pressuring, even sometimes threatening these nations that are tied into the bad loans and they will succumb to the political ideologies or agendas of these groups.

    Meanwhile, we can recall the presidential elections in Nigeria (June 12, 1993), that late Chief Abiola became the acclaimed winner. We also know that former President Bill Clinton used the present U.S. representative to the United Nations Susan Rice and others to threaten him to surrender his democratic mandate and he refused. Kofi Anna, of Ghana and the former UN scribe was also detailed by manipulation to visit Abiola in prison to persuade him to rescind his mandate.

    And I asked: Was this not a fine breeze of democracy that the so-called architects of good governance and democracy have disperse or scuttled? Why do they seek good for their countries and fight against others while pretending to be projecting democracy and good governance globally?

    Sadly, Abiola, the only democratically elected president of Nigeria,was killed while in jail. It’s reported that he was served a cup of tea in the presence of Rice and other U.S. emissaries, and immediately developed stomach problem. He was rush to the hospital but died subsequently.

    This implies he’s poisoned. That was a slap on African democracy because others could have borrowed a leave from Nigeria which they look up to. At this point I knew democracy (or democrazy) was selective, and anyone who stands in the way of these international “gurus” must pay with blood. Now, do you see how America and the rest of Westerners play their gimmick of quixotic experiment in Africa?

    Why should America embark on such undemocratic mission? Other than its deceit about the promotion of democracy and good governance in Africa, it’s also learnt that Abiola, was an ardent crusader of reparation for Africa and its descendants, by America and other Western nations, in respect of slavery and other sordid treatments meted on the continent.

    We’ve seen numerous attempts on Libya, and other CIA-assisted and real assassinations and regime changes around the world. The Baath Party of Iraq that took control in that country was the work of the CIA according to reports. It gave assistance to Saddam Hussein and he assassinated his predecessor; former president Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakr in (1979). Hussein later fell from grace for not remaining the “good boy.”

    He’s murdered by former President George W. Bush, whom I’ve petitioned the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague to investigate and prosecute, if it must be taken seriously and not accused of selective justice.

    We know the crimes against humanity and genocide Bush, Dick Cheney and others committed without justification in Iraq even though President Obama is trying not to be the first to try a former president for the national and international crimes that has been committed. In regard to the U.S. president it seems you have problems with, like most whites because he’s black, he’s right to rule this country as a bonafide American. By the way, who are the Americans?

    The Native Indians, those-maybe like you-who happens to be the children, or great-grand children of the first or so generation of immigrants from Europe, and African-Americans whose fore-parents were forced into slavery. In addition, any subsequent immigrant from Europe, Asia, Africa and other continents who entered America legally or illegally and are granted citizenship after due process.

    In short, America is a country of migrants, and without these immigrants there would have been a different or no America.

    Therefore, while I agree that most African leaders and people are partly responsible for their predicaments, America and European governments and corporations have contributed greatly to these problems that keeps the continent bleeding. I’m originally from Ogoni-sees myself as Ogoni-American-and know how $hell Oil and others worked in tandem with successive Nigerian governments to exploit my people and Niger Delta in general.

    We’re aware of how $hell Oil in particular (in 1995) masterminded the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa (and 8 others) who led the Ogoni mass movement for social, political, environmental and economic justice. We also saw how Bill Clinton tacitly approved that murder by imposing “Diplomatic sanctions” instead of economic sanctions that were clamored around the globe to stop the unjust hangings.

    Why? Because oil was involved! Clinton continued to buy the Niger Delta oil misnamed Nigeria’s and didn’t care about nine lives that were to be exterminated for nothing, but that they were demanding their rights and those of their people while exposing the double standards of $hell.

    And for your information, Nigeria is getting away with it’s crimes because of America’s oil interest-no more no less. America buys more than 40 percent of this oil; and Nigeria is the fourth or fifth energy supplier to the U.S. These foreign oil companies don’t even give the corrupt government the exact barrels of oil they extract per day.

    Why? Because of the companies lack of integrity; the government’s zero knowledge in oil technology and the fact that the wielders of power don’t care. The oil isn’t on their land and so don’t appreciate the effects of environmental degradation and climate changes.

    As for slavery, most of its documentations were done by the American/European “slave masters” themselves and their children, children’s-children wrote further on the most dehumanizing act in history. As a result most Western testimonies of the Trans-Sahara Slave Trade (TSST) lacks credibility.

  4. Ben: You have to ask who are the Americans? Not you, you admit to being an Ogoni. Americans are the descendants of Europeans. All others are colonists or invaders. People from failed cultures and countries who are seeking to suck off the expertise of Europeans either here or in Europe. Deny it if you can.

    As for immigrants building America, what bushwa. Open immigration was encouraged by the same greedy people you feel are destroying Africa. The US didn’t need to be exploited as quickly as it was. If it had been done in an orderly fashion America would still be a land of ‘unlimited’ resources and not dependent on Africa. The resources that were squandered in WWI and the European and Japanese wars of WWII ‘in defense of liberty’ should never have been expended.

    Further immigration would have been controlled in the nineteenth century except for the large colonies of Jews who were able to influence both foreign and domestic policy in their minority interest and against the best interests of the State.

    Obama now represents a Jewish consituentcy and a Black one who are intent on exterminating Whites. As soon as he makes his fatal step the US will be plunged into a bloody war that will make anything you can imagine pale in comparison. This will be a war begun by criminal Africans turning America into Africa.

    I am also getting tired of hearing Africans carp against the US and Europe. At the beginning the nineteenth century before the Scramble Africa’s population was 150 million, today a billion. So where’s this genocide you’re complaining about? You owe the increase to Europeans who cleaned up the fever ridden African environment, introduced a plethora of good foods and medical care that allowed the population to multiply. You owe us everything. Why shouldn’t you slave for us?

    Today, unable to regulate your own affairs you are fleeing ‘the Continent’ for points West in the millions. You are so anxious to get out you virtually commit suicide to do so. You are blighting Europe and America. Why, one might ask, don’t you migrate to India, China, Arabia and other Asian parts? Answer: They won’t have you and they are not the consumer paradise of Europe and America.

    You accuse Bush, the next biggest simpleton to ever serve as President, of being genocidal. You must have been one of Nyrere’s astranauts. In Zimbabwe and South Africa you Africans carry out genocideal actions against White men of principle who foolishly attempt to work out an accord while in the North the Arabs carry out a genocidal policy agains Negroes in Darfur. After Darfur they will sweep into West Africa exterminating as they go. You Africans have the insane effrontery to exterminate Whites in the South while demanding that ineffectual Negroes in the North be protected by the sacrifice of White soldiers.

    Ben, I hate to say this, but you Africans are very short on self-respect.

    As for slavery, we have a very clear eye on what went on, both sides of the color line. There is little scholarship Whites have that lacks credibility. But, I will check with Cornell West.

    As for reparations why don’t you demand some from your co-religionists, the Arabs? They’ve got the money. I’ll tell you why you don’t,because unlike Whites they lack a conscience. They’ll tell you to get your Black asses out of there before they kick them out. You don’t know up from down about the slave trade.

  5. Thanks for the ride. I thought this discussion would be based on facts and honesty, rather the way you’re towing points to sheer dishonesty. And I abhor this method.

    For you being dishonest about who the Americans are, and ignoring the Native Indians and others, etc., points to being morally and intellectually dishonest. I’m therefore resting my case as there are historical facts to these view points. They are indeed clear!

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