The Spirit Of The Laws


The Spirit Of The Laws


R.E. Prindle


     We seem to be approaching a crisis that is getting very little attention; that is the question of laws.  Which legal system is to prevail?

     Not only are we challenged by such absurdly ridiculous legal systems as Sharia and Talmudic law but by the no less equally absurd, ridiculous and self-serving Communist/Liberal concept of law that promotes teaching pederasty to kindergartners.

     Communist/Liberal law has all but replaced the Common Law of England and the tradional legal sysems  of the Continent.  American, English and Continental law has always been written with the greatest good for the greatest number in mind.

     Sharia law based entirely on medieval religious ignorance and Talmudic law based on the greatest good for the elect few could be dismissed with a laugh but for the implacable hatred and fanatical determination of the two sects for all dissenters and outsiders.

     The Communist/Liberal law that favors an insane utopian vision of economics, society and religion while moving to suppress the Continental, English and American systems will in the end merely enable Sharia or Talmudic law suppressing itself.

     It therefore behooves those of us who remain true to the legal concepts of freedom of action, speech and thought to rally round the Constitution as representative of those values.  There is no longer room for discussion; we must be as intolerant of Sharia, Talmudic and Communist/Liberal law as their adherents are of us and our law.  The vision of a just society that has prevailed in Euroamerica for the last few hundred years is now under attack.  We must fight back, assert our rights, or submit to slavery.

     The question is before us now, today.  We must affirm ourselves and our commitment to our ideals of law now.  That means virtually if not actually forming our own independent government no different than any other, Black, Chinese or whatever caucus.

     We must simply refuse to obey the directives of the hi-jacked government of the United States and its lackeys on the Supreme Court.

     Chairman Mao, the leader of the Communist/Liberals said all power comes from the barrel of a gun.  Do we have anything to learn form Mao?  Do the Communist/Liberals have anything to learn from their own history? 

     Now is the hour.


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