AG Holder: Let Us Speak Candidly Now


AG Holder:  Let Us Speak Candidly Now


R.E. Prindle

     AG Holder asks that we courageously speak candidly about race.  I think such candidness would be extremely beneficial.  So, I have a question of AG Holder that requires a candid answer.

     It seems to be openly bruited about that there is a plot by both Jews and Africans to exterminate Whites from the face of the Earth by any means necessary.  ‘Any means necessary’ is standard Communist terminology so we don’t have look further in that direction.

     It has been stated on the internet that beginning with President Obama’s inauguration the assault on Whites will be seriously begun.  The current murderous assault by Africans against the White inhabitants of the island of Guadeloupe would seem to confirm this.

     May I ask what you as an African and as the AG Of the United States know of this matter?  We know that there is close coordination among Africans in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and now Europe.  That is a fact.  What do the FBI and CIA as well as your office know about these matters?

     That is my question.  Could you candidly address this racial question courageously?

     Thank you, Sir, we will I am sure be grateful for your candidness.


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