Marse Barry, O’erseer On Maggie’s Farm


Marse Barry, Overseer On Maggie’s Farm


R.E. Prindle  

     In the the above analysis of Barry by Rush Limbaugh he is quite correct as far as he goes.  LImbaugh doesn’t note that Barry is not a free agent but a stooge of the Global Money Trust.

      While it is true that Barry is a willing accomplice in the asset shift from those with abililty to those without his primary beneficiaries are not those without abilities but the Banksters of the Money Trust or in other words- the Jews.

     Barry’s so-called fillip to relieve those about to be foreclosed benefits them nothing, but adds to their financial woes considerably.  As explained by the Administration shills on CNN, Wolf Blitzer and something gooey going by the name of McCafferty, or like, the banks who have already bilked the citizenry are merely going to  renegotiate the loans.  Thus another five thousand dollars or so not counting the interest on that will be added to their burden.  For every successful negotiation the Banksters are to be paid 1,000 as an ‘incentive.’   Multiply that by seven million or so. 

     The end result will be that everyone is working as in the lyrics of Bob Dylan on Maggie’s Farm.  In fact if you listen to Dylan’s lyrics carefully he began to outline the Jewish agenda or plan from 1960 to the present.

     BenZion Netanyahu in his history of the Jews in Spain describes the method in minute detail.  First the Jews got themselves appointed as royal tax farmers.  Thus they assessed the Spanish people of most of their wealth.  Stripped of assets the Spaniards were compelled to borrow their money back at usorious rates.  Thus they became cattle to be milked by their Jewish overlords.  As Bob Dylan sang in Ballad Of The Thin Man- you- give me some milk or go home.

     Apply that to the current situation.  Not only has the bulk of the population been lured into credit card debt but they have been lured into zany mortgages.  When they borrowed their equity from themselves they foolishly spent it being to forced to pay both equity and interest to the Banksters.

     In inflationary times they could defer the day of judgment as their wages and home values increased.  Now, as George Soros tells us, we are headed into deflationary times.  Barry tells us that home values will never, never increase again.  Thus all this debt that is being incurred with dollars nominally a dollar will have to be paid back with a 1.05 or 1.10 dollar much as in post Civil War times placing an added burden on them.  The money of the Global Money trust will rise in value as they squeeze their victims.

     A while back I wrote that inflation would be used to destroy the retirement funds of the producers of society.  I wasn’t quite right.  Instead the Money trust destroyed the economy making their stock holdings nearly valueless.  Same result but the money of the Money Trust is protected.

     When Limbaugh says these people are motivated by hatred he misses the degree of hate by 4 or 500%.

     Barry is the tool of a very, very nasty crew who mean to turn us all into slaves on Maggie’s Farm, which by the way is Barry’s favorite Dylan song.  When I learned that during the campaign a little shudder ran down my spine.  There is no reason to go along with anything these merchants of evil do.

     If you are not now, be forewarned that the intended end result is BenZion Netanyahu’s description of the Jews in Spain.  The Jews were not compelled to live in ghettos; they had to for self protection.  Here it comes round again.


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