A Warm Welcome To AG Eric Holder


A Warm Welcome To AG Eric Holder


R.E. Prindle



     We’d like to welcome our first Black AG, Eric Holder, to our discussions.

     In the above quoted article AG Holder

     …said Wednesday the United States was a “nation of cowards” on matters of race, with most Americans avoiding candid discussion of racial issues.

     In good lawyerly fashion the AG has covered the largest part of his capacious behind by saying “most Americans.”  That phrase of course embraces the whole world since America is merely an idea and anyone can become an American by simply stating:  I am an American in his native dialect or language or indeed, just by grunting it.

     The good first Black AG also generously includes his own people who also are incapable of discussing race ‘candidly.’  In fact the Rev. James David Manning has received death threats from his fellow Negroes for speaking out too candidly on racial issues.  I do not consider the Rev. Manning a coward although he may be excluded because of the AG’s lawyerly exclusion ‘most.’

     And then there was the trash talking Don Imus whose trash talking was apparently offensive to the very people who invented it and who threaten the life of Rev. Manning.  I consider Don Imus very courageous, not a coward.  So courageous in fact that he lost a job worth tens of millions of dollars.  He too was not cowardly but once again excluded by the AG’s lawyerly exclusion ‘most.’

     And let’s not forget the very uncowardly James Watson the discoverer of DNA, a great scientist who  should know what he’s talking about, who merely said something innocuously ‘candid’ about the average IQ of Africans.  Boy, did he get trashed by the Trashmasters.

    So, Mr. AG there are plenty of Americans Black and White who have the courage to speak candidly of race whether they lose life, job, wealth or reputation.

     As you encourage us to speak candidly on racial matters we are willing to do so and now that we have the first Black AG on our side we presume that you will rectify the situations where Messers Manning, Imus and Watson were so grieviously mistreated by rehabilitating them, restoring their jobs with back pay and bestowing the honor on these very courageous men that they deserve.

     May I suggest that both you, the first black AG, and our first Black president, Barack Obama, set a good example and  issue an apology to these Gentlemen on behalf of the bigoted racists, both Black and White who so egregiously persecuted them for being ‘candid’ about race.

     Then AG Holder we will know you are sincere and we will be more than happy to invite you to our barbecues this summer.  If you don’t, why then…



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