The Coming Great American Asset Grab III


The Coming Great American Asset Grab III



R.E. Prindle

We will, we will trash you.

We will, we will trash you.

Parody of Queen

     Japan is a more complex problem.  As most Americans are unaware of the complexities and I only learned of them through study I will limit this to the standard surprise attack on Pearl Harbor scenario.

     The attack on Pearl Harbor was considered an egregious unwarranted act.  The Japanese were demonized as horrible little yellow monkeys beneath our contempt.  This campaign was carried on relentlessly at least through Hiroshima.  Planes used to fly over dumping out tens of thousands of broadsides that fluttered down filling the sky.  We kids below leaped into the air trying to snatch as many as possible before they hit the ground.  There was Tojo, little round glasses, beaver teeth and all snarling at us.  Defeating the Japs was defeating Satan himself.

     Then the Atom Bomb was dropped ending the war.  This was change that Barry can only imagine.  This awesome display of scientific and technological weaponry changed the paradigm of war.  It was a new world order.

     The little yellow monkey Japs went from satans to victims overnight when the Enola Gay dropped her baby.  We were now cruelly punished if we used the word Jap in any context.  I was seven and criminalized for the word Jap which had been de rigeur and punishable not to use. Some things are impossible to understand and not so easy to forgive.

     The Japanese were not to be treated harshly for bombing Pearl Harbor but condoled for having the dirty nasty Americans, me, drop the Atom Bomb on them.

     Several Japanese women burned by the explosion known as the Hiroshima Maidens were brought to the US as victims for reconstructive surgery free of charge.  People milled about in the streets unable to understand how we had become the perpetrators and the Japs the victims.  Why we had become criminals for using the word Japs.

     By the end of the fifties we had rebuilt Japan and they were ready to begin taking over our auto industry.  With the help of Liberals and the incredible obtuseness of Detroit along with good product the Japanese have succeeded.  Detroit is moribund knocked out by their own incompetence, to be sure, but also by vicious laws that enabled the Japanese passed by the US legislators, ridiculous recalls and the allowance of frivolous lawsuits made possible by that moron Ralph Nader’s book Unsafe At Any Speed.

     What the Japanese will grab is open to speculation but added to asset grabs by Jews and Chinese very little will be left.

     England was sold by the pound, America will be grabbed off by the mega tons.  Liberals are fools and we all suffer from their foolishness.  Thank god for little boys, hey pederasts.  Homosexuality in kindergarten indeed.



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