The Coming Great American Asset Grab I


The Coming Great American Asset Grab I


R.E. Prindle


We will, we will trash you.

We will, we will trash you.

Parody of Queen

     Nothing could be more foolish than placing your destiny in the hands of your most inveterate enemy.  Yet, when Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act over strenuous protests in 1913 he did just that.  He not only gave power over the US economy and the welfare of its citizens to a foreign power he also granted them, the Jews, the right to print US money.  Could life be any sweeter.  Thus all the assets of what would soon be the most prosperous economy in the world were theirs to use for their own purposes.

     Employing psychological methods supplied by Sigmund Freud from Vienna the Jews created the Anti-Defamation League in the United States to exert control over their, by now, captive population while they laid plans for the ultimate takeover.

     The beginning of that that end was the current economic crisis.  The Great Black Elephant trumpeting nonsense of change for the simple minded goyim was maneuvered into the Presidency at the cost of a billion dollars and shameless dishonest media tactics.  Shamelessness is what chutzpah means.  Rules are for fools.  But, if the fools don’t object, what the heck, hey?

     The Jews themselves spout nonsense and it flies.  Their clown prince George Soros is one of the most ludicrous, laughable performers ever, makes Red Skelton look straight, stated on TV  ‘Yes, we’re going to keep throwing money at this downturn until it goes away.’  This is a supposed financial genius talking.  When the interviewer asked where the money would be coming from The Great Financial Pundit, George Soros, said: “We’ve got the printing presses and we’re just going to keep on printing it.’  That’s George Soros.  Two trillion is already missing from the Federal Reserve while the Jews who own it as Soros says have the printing presses.

     When the USSR collapsed in large part because of Jewish machinations the Jews stood ready to appropriate the most valuable of Russian assets.  They ‘own’ them today.

     Unless we close our eyes to historical realities, which we appear to be doing, when the US economy collapses from the latest ‘bail out’ of  yet another trillion dollars the Jews are positioned to buy up the most valuable US assets thereby acquiring control of the US Black, White or in between.

     This is the plan, this will happen unless the Jews are disenfranchised right now.

     Think about it.  Bob Dylan may not be working on Maggie’s Farm no more but you will be.



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