The Great Black Hope


The Great Black Hope


R.E. Prindle


     G-d only knows why the Liberals/Communists need an African to redeem their miserable struggling souls.  But they do.  Over the last fifty years Liberals have scoured Africa for Great Black Hopes not hoping until recently to put an African over themselves here on American shores.

     When independence came in Africa in the sixties of the last century we were told that the Africans would devise a paradise such as the world had never seen before.  The Africans did manage to devise something we’d never seen but it wasn’t a paradise anyone had ever imagined.

     We saw cannibal chiefs stuffing technological wonders like the refrigerator with human steaks, must have been where Jeffrey Dahmer got his ideas.  If Dahmer had been a ‘poet’ they would have given him a Nobel Prize and a pat on the back instead of a virtual death sentence.

     And we had geniuses who put their  ‘astronaut trainees’ in barrels and rolled them downhill to experience weightlessness.  I won’t go into Saint Jomo Kenyatta.  Altogether it was an amusing spectacle.

     Then along came Nelson Mandela, that flea on the hide of The Great Black Elephant, who even the Africans wouldn’t accept.  The pride of the Great Black Hopes though was Master Robert Mugabe hitherto the greatest of the Hopes.  Here was a guy who took the second most prosperous country in Africa, drove out the Whites, slaughtered the Matabele, destroyed the cities, ruined agriculture turning Zimbabwe from a grain exporting state to a total consumer, and introduced cholera killing three or four thousand people a month.

     The Liberals’ Great Black Hope!  So after a few hundred thousand people are dead at their Hope’s hands the Omnicient Ones shrug their shoulders and flippantly say:  So…we made a mistake, that’s all.  So they did and do…again…and again…and again.  Liberals are incapable of learning.

     Now we’ve got our own domestic Great Black Hope.  The Liberal streak of unbroken failure in Africa didn’t faze them a bit so now they’re going to try to extend the streak in America sending it down the hole after Africa.  They’ll succeed too.

     Barry’s off to a good start freeing terrorists and all.  Sure, Barry says, they will probably terrorize again but I’d rather err on the side of clemency than harshness.  With any luck when the Moslems send another plane to crash into the White House they’ll succeed and Barry will be inside.

     Now he’s got this plan to trash the economy and America completely.  Well, you elected him not me although me and mine will have to suffer because of your fatuous search for a Black Savior.

     Did I mention Toussaint L’ Ouverture another of your great Black failures.  Have you ever really thought about the San Domingo Moment?  Do you know what it is?  Why don’t you?


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