Miracle On Pennsylvania Avenue


Miracle On Pennsylvania Avenue


R.E. Prindle


     The bail out nonsense is a trap.  Everyone must know it so what we have is a Liberal/Communist conspiracy.  Sorry folks, conspiracies are real.  There are no miracles and the bail out plan ain’t one of ’em.

     Apparently to find someone willing to talk sense we have to go way back to the nineteenth century.  Yep.  Those discredited Victorians.  Uh huh, 1877, Madame H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled:

No student of Hermetic philosophy, nor any spiritualist, will object to the abstract principle laid down by Hume that a miracle is impossible; for to suppose such a possibility would make the universe governed through special instead of general laws.  This is one of the fundamental contradictions between science and theology.  The former, reasoning upon universal experience, maintains that there is a general uniformity of the course of nature, while the latter assumes that the Governing Mind can be invoked to suspend general law to suit special emergencies.  Says John Stuart Mill, “If we do not already believe in supernatural agencies, no miracle can prove to us their existence.  The miracle itself, considered merely as an extraordinary fact, may be satisfactorily certified by our senses or by testimony; but nothing can ever prove that it is a miracle.  There is still another hypothesis, that of its being the result of some unknown natural cause; and this possiblity cannot be so completely shut out as to leave no alternative but that of admitting the existence and intervention of a being superior to nature.

     Nobody with half a brain will ever admit that.  Are you Liberals/Communists listening.  There are no miracles. None.  It can’t happen here.  The only way out is hard work and that will take time and well… hard work.   If Barry really thinks this bailout will keep us from going down he’s talking to a higher authority than the Global Money Trust and that guy don’t exist.

    If you’re going to go down you have a choice between the elevator and the stairs.  It’s only a question of how long it takes to get to the bottom.  Barry’s taking the expressway to the pits.  Supposedly the army is standing by to quell any disturbances.  If they take up arms against the citizenry they had better beware.  Study the reaction of Europeans to the Soviet Communists.  This time it won’t take that long.  No miracles involved.  Oh, I forgot you’ve Rick Warren on your side.



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