Obama, Liberals And The San Domingo Moment


Obama, Liberals And The San Domingo Moment


R.E. Prindle


     Now that the Liberals have maneuvered their Great Black Hope into the Presidency they have begun to deal with some historical troublespots.  Foremost among these is rewriting the history of the Haitian murder spree known as the San Domingo Moment.

     I recently saw the first step toward this on TV.  After decades of ignoring Haiti this show willfully misrepresenting the reality was broadcast.  The fact is that San Domingo was the greatest wealth producing island of the Caribbean.  The wealth creating apparatus was in place when the Africans revolted.  It is wrong to think that the Africans revolted agains slavery- they revolted only against White slaveowners.

     In Africa they were used to slavery. Had been for centuries.  If they escaped from slavery they became slave owners themselves.  When Mungo Park made his exploratory journey at the end of the eighteenth century he found a full 70 to 75% of the African population slaves to the remaining quarter.  The Africans had slavery down to a science.  They owned them body and soul.  They could murder any slave for any reason with complete impunity.

     When the Africans of San Domingo revolted it was in their power to use the wealth of their island to creat a tropical paradise.  Instead they created a bigger slum than their Northern counterpart of today- Detroit.

     The greatest repository of science and knowledge lay just to the North.  All that was necessary was to order a library full of books.  If they didn’t know how to read, which they couldn'[t be expected to, thousands of Liberal White women and men were waiting to evangelize them.  It was in their power to create a paradise such as would make a Communist’s heart sing.  They would have justified the Liberals’ faith.  But they didn’t.  They murdered the White men and used the White women as their whores.  That fate awaits you unless you reject the Communist siren song.  Affirm your own identity.  Put them down.

     The Africans will never create anything; they will only destroy what they touch.  First Haiti, then Detroit, next Chicago and who knows.  Lagos, Nigeria, a slum of over ten million people doesn’t even have a sewer system or a means to dispose of garbage.   This with the Euroamerican world willing to deal with their garbage for them.  Consider it an honor.

     The Great Black Elephant means the destruction of civilization.  It will steal upon you unawares as you’re watching the boob tube unless you pay attention and reject the filth they’re broadcasting.

     Liberals mean to eradicate you in favor of the Africans.  Just say no!


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