Swindler’s List


Swindler’s List


R.E. Prindle


     So far I haven’t heard anyone call this financial debacle what it is- a huge financial swindle.  This is no different than the Stavisky Affair in France.  In this one the whole financial/government combine is involved with what appear to be individual freelancers on the side.

     The latest aspect of the swindle is the so-called stimulus package in which the only thing stimulated will be the national debt.  The swindles all seem to benefit certain cultures of American society to the detriment of others.

     The amounts involved are staggering amounting to the trillions of dollars.  The bailout of the swindling bankers amounted to a trillion and who knows starting at a trillion how far the stimulus package will go.

     I was somewhat off on my interpretation of how the stimulus program would be managed.  According to the arch fiends Robert Reich and Congressman Rangel the whole swindled bundle of a trillion at least will be dispensed to Africans while none of the jobs will be available to others.  They don’t even want professional engineering firms involved.

     Thus Reich- a Jew- and Rangel -an African- have figured out a reparations program of a trillion dollars for the Blacks.  I would say that this was a transfer of wealth from one culture of Americans to another except for the fact athat the trillion will have to be borrowed from somewhere else in the global economy.  Why the globe would care to willingly becomes victims of a major swindle  with their eyes wide open this time is beyond my ability to speculate.   Lord, both Stavisky and Madoff at least pulled the wool over their victims eyes.  A certain amount of decency there.

     It would seem that as jobs available to Whites continue to vanish, Africans would enjoy full employment thus effectively reversing the traditional situation.  Now you know why all those White jobs were sent to China.

     Condoned criminality at the highest levels such as this is difficult to understand.  Mexico may be passing into the hands of druglords but America has been in the hands of swindlers for decades.  Remember the Great Savings And Loan Swindle?  Not only is no one caught and punished, no one is even pursued.  Heck, the banking cabal not only swindled the money from the country once but they swindled their ‘losses’ twice being reimbursed by the country for their fraudulent losses.  That was the ‘bailout.’  Plus, they all got to keep their ill gotten gain, their jobs and received huge multi-million dollar bonuses as well.  Who wouldn’t want to be a swindler?

       Druglords?  Soon we’ll have criminal hands across the border clasping,





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