The Perils Of Transparency


The Perils Of Transparency


R.E. Prindle

     The Great White Elephant says that he wants a transparent government.  No more of this secrecy.  The first thing he did was sign an order asking the administrators of the the Right To Information act to err on the side of leniency rather than security.  Like all doublespeak pronouncements this sounds beneficial.  But behind it does it mean the clerks will quietly favor certain requests for, say, information on Martin Luther King and The Civil Rights movement and deny others like, say, John F. Kennedy or what?

     In his inauguration speech the Elephant said:  We are a nation of Christians and Moslems, Jews and Hindus- and non-believers.  We are shaped by every language and culture…

     Once again the rhetoric sounds good but it lacks clearness and transparency.  Opaque actually.  Yes, Christians, Moslems, Jews, Hindus, people of every language and culture.  So it has always been.  At least as long as I can remember.  Does the Elephant mean that to deemphasize the role of Christians- and non-believers and emphasize that of Moslems, Hindus and Jews according to existing spite laws and proposed new ones- or what?  Not transparent enough.  What exactly does he mean by restating an obvious fact?  Lacks a certain transparency.

     Then he has this moron self-appointed preacher Rick Warren come out and say:  Almighty God,  Our Father. (Questionable at best):  Everything we see and everything we can’t see, exists (i.e. was created) because of you.   Everything we can’t see was created by God?  Warren must be seeing things in his visions.

     Right away the Elephant insults the intelligence of we…uh…non-believers, or as I would call us rational, intelligent people.  Mr. Transparent comes down on the side of Creationism against Evolution.  Sneaky Pete here; much less than transparent.

     So what he said is less transparent than it might have seemed.  Warren then says of his God:  History is your story.  Doesn’t say much for the intelligence of God does it?  At least not the way I read the tragic history of mankind.  The holocausts we’ve seen.  Hmm.

     Warren then quotes the Jewish Shema and refers to it as scripture.  I don’t remember that but then Ive never memorized the Bible.

     Warren with slight inaccuracy says ‘the son of an African immigrant can rise…  Barack Obama Sr. was not an immigrant and never became an American citizen, other than in the general sense that we are all Americans as ideas.  Barack Obama Sr. was merely a student studying in America picking up wives along the way neglecting to divorce any of them.

     Warren:  We know today that Dr. King and a great cloud of witnesses are shouting in heaven.  If Warren believes his own rhetoric here, which he does, the ingnoramus is in serious trouble.  Maybe he can hear King booming out but no one else can.

    Rather than putting the burden on us, in the global world we live in, to be just etc. why didn’t Warren pray to make the peoples of the world just and forgiving, for each and every people to do their part.  Do we need an ethno-centric, a Statecentric President and Pastor to lay the blame for the world’s ills on us alone?

     Opaque and fuzzy from beginning to end.  If we’re going to be transparent than let us have transparency.  Clearness in thought.

     Why if the Elephant is concerned with transparency have we not yet seen his birth certificate? Is Corsi still a prisoner detained in Barry’s other homeland, Kenya?  If so, call for his release and let him say what he has learned.  He too had a right to transparency, a right to know, O Great White Elephant in this New Order of total transparency.

     Let’s not talk about it; let’s get on with the show.


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