The Great Black Elephant Steps Onto The Stage Of History


The Great Black Elephant

Steps Onto The Stage  Of History


R.E. Prindle

     I was astonished today to read that on the eve of his assumption of power The Great Black Elephant instead of considering the overwhelming problems of State facing over 300 million Americans was killing time helping paint a room for ‘homeless teens’.  The very fact that they have a facility means they aren’t homeless.  That problem at least has been solved.  That one was easy.

     One is reminded of George Bush who was reading to kindergartners when 9/11 occurred.  I was touched that time too.  He listened to the news then went on reading.

     (Obama)…headed for the Sasha Bruce House…where he grabbed a paint roller and helped volunteers who were fixing up rooms.

     “We can’t allow any idle hands,” he said.  “Everybody’s got to be involved.’

     I am touched by this evidence of The Great Black Elephant’s great big heart but I am appalled at the lack of discretion.  There are more than enough hands, what we need is an engaged brain.

     Grabbing a brush may go down well on the South Side as a welfare stunt but it doesn’t get it as the President Of The United States.

     300 millions of huma beings ask why the Elephant wasn’t meeting with the Joint Chiefs Of Staff.  300 millions of people ask why the Elephant wasn’t working on economic issues, on war issues, on any number of crucial matters.

     Our hearts all go out to homeless teens as the volunteers at Sasha’s House indicates but which is more important, the welfare of 300 million or the comfort of a few already taken care of?

     We were promised ‘CHANGE’ and we’re being offered four more years of Bush.  Could have gotten that from McCain.

     When is the Elephant…

     Sorry, I have to answer a call from Olmert.



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