The Great Black Elephant Goes To Washington


The Great Black Elephant Goes To Washington


R.E. Prindle


Well, the world holds seven wonders, the travelers always tell,

Some gardens and some towers, I guess you know them well,

But the greatest wonder  now is in Uncle Sam’s great land.

It’s that King Columbia River and the big Grand Coulee Dam.


In the misty crystal glitter of that wild and windward spray,

Men have fought the pounding waters and met a watery grave,

She tore their boats to splinters but she gave men dreams to dream,

Of the day that Big Grand Coulee Dam would cross that wild and wasted stream.

-Woody Guthrie

     The Great Black Elephant comes to Washington to be sworn in as President of this great land.  Africa rules America.

     Unlike the heroes who built America however the Elephant and his Liberals cohorts of the Pederast Party come to spend it.  The Elephant cut his teeth on Chicago’s South Side cadging welfare checks for his constituents.  Now as President he is going to cadge trillions elsewhere, not to create prductivity but to dispense his cadged largesse as he did on the South Side.  Old patterns of thought are hard to break.

     Neither he nor the Liberals of the Pederast Party are interested in creating wealth as our forefathers were.  No.  Their primary interest, that to which they intend to devote their time, is training kindergartners to assume the position.  They’d rather fornicate than work.  Short eyes, too.

     Rather than cadging, I hesitate to say begging, money from the world perhaps The Great Black Elephant should be working out the means to rebuild the economy.  Bring the economy back home.  Set the factories to work once again.  We gave the Chinese bums a cigarette, a light and a kick in the chest to get them started, now with a billion and a half strong internal market if they can’t make it from here on their own to hell with them.

     Negotiate  with the ‘underdeveloped’ nations of the world to balance the labor differential. And while we’re negotiating put some tariffs on their goods to give them the incentive to negotiate quickly.

     I mean, hey fellas, have you heard this one?   Nationalism is dead.  We’re in a global economy.  The rules governing a global economy are different than a national one.  Get with it, the world isn’t flat after all.  What goes around comes around.  Remember that one?

     So, getting there was easy for the Elephant.  Now come the hard part.  Put that welfare thinking behind you.  It’s time to start building, creating weath, not spending it.

     It’s time for the Pederast Party to get their mind out of the gutter.  Leave those five year olds alone, you perverts.

     Lest any of you bigots think the term Great Black Elephant is derogatory, know that your great Zulu hero, Shaka bore it proudly as does his present day counterpart Mugabe of Zimbabwe.  It’s the African equivalent of Your Majesty.

     It is time to grow up boys and girls.  Get global.


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