An African Speaks His Mind

An African Speaks His Mind


R.E. Prindle with ru2religious


     I received the following comment from ru2religious who appears to be African although one can’t tell from where.  I reproduce the comment in its entirety here, I typed the areas I intend to discuss in bold.  My response follows.  The original post is titled Evolution, Melanin And Brain Power and can be found at

     I’ve read through the comment and the article and I have to say that this form of reasoning is terrible at best.

     What you call evolution is in fact a reversal of evolution.  What is identified as being civilized is no other then animistic in behavior.  All thinks on this planet have color e.g. melanin and I’m not even going to run through the genetics dealing with DNA but  pale skin tone does not fit in with this planet nature.  Listen, and again I speak without using genetics, religion, etc….Creating weapons of mass destruction is not civilized or a statement of evolution.  Stealing whole continents is not evolution, its evil or more so animistic.  Civilized and evolution is the ability to co-exist with all inhabitants on the planet and thus majority of Europeans have failed to do so as such.

      You cannot compare Africans, African Americans, etc to European theories of evolution because your views of evolution is reversed based on the historical ideology of the word.  You cannot judge evolution based on your format of reading, writing, language, your history, failing medicine, and even worse, your math.  You cannot judge evolution when you only speak one language while kids in African speak 5+ languages.

     People who look for ways to be superior are at best ignorant and at worst jealous over things that cannot be changed.  African, your heritage is sitting back watching how your destroying this planet and your times is almost up.   Get some education so that I can debate your claims on a anthropological, archaeological, linguistic, genetic, etymological & historical level.


     My reply:

     Thanks for taking the time to read my post and commenting.  I will try to avoid anthropological, archaeological, genetic, and etymological topics so we can converse but linguistics might pop up and I can’t avoid historical but we might be able to understand each other on that topic.

     Limiting ourselves to that topic, you say:  Stealing whole continents is not evolution.  It’s evil and more so animistic.  Civilized and evolution is the ability to coexist with all inhabitants on the planet and thus majority of Europeans have failed to do as such.’

     I assume that you are African but there are no real clues in your comment as to where in Africa.  West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, I can’t tell.  You may then be a Negro, Bantu, Nilotic or something else.

     However as you know Central, East and South Africa are now Bantu populations.  Before +1000 this was not the case.  From the Congolands South the population was San or Bushman with Pygmies.  All that portion of Africa belonged to them.  It was their birthright.  Then about +1000 the Ntu speaking tribes began invading San lands either exterminating them or driving them before them until the San were forced into the inhospitable Kalihari as a mere remnant.  By your own definition the Bantu peoples are evil and have no place on this planet.  They refuse to coexist with all inhabitants on this planet.  As such by your own definition these Black men are as evil if not more so as pale Europeans.

     Further, in +1000 Malay peoples sailed to the unpopulated island of Madagascar settling there.  Bantu peoples, who are very evil and unsociable invaded Madagascar and displaced those innocent Malays proving once again that Africans are uncivilized and unable to coexist with all inhabitants on this planet.

     And now, ru2,  Africans go from bad to worse. proving your own deep dyed hypocrisy, West Aricans in particular are leaving their own continent to invade and steal the continent of Europe from Europeans.

     I ask you, ru2, what kind of man are you?  How dare you criticize Europeans for Black Africans’ own sins?  You are as evil  if not moreso than the people you criticize.

     If you are sincere in your protestations of innocence Bantus and Nilotics would return to their places of origin and restore Central, East and South Africa to the rightful San and Pygmy occupants.  Also I demand that West Africans withdraw from Europe and the Americas today or else I denounce you as a phony humanist.

     I demand that you personally apologize in the name of all Africans for your crimes against Europeans and the Africans you have murdered and oppressed and that Africa make reparations to both.

     And finally you make a big to do about the African ability to coexist, which is more apparent to you than to others, yet you make the alarming statement that ‘pale skin tone does anot fit in with this planets nature’ and ‘your times are almost up.’

     That sounds positively genocidal so that I find it hard to believe what you say about co-existence.  I fear that you are guilty of double speak ru2 and display an almost incredible depth of hypocrisy.

     Thank you for your time.


PS.  I will be writing a skewed history of Africa in an attempt to match yours.  Watch for it.  Sprechen sie Deutsch?


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