Evolution, Genes And Physics


Evolution, Genes And Physics


R.E. Prindle


     In the above noted post I posited the nature of distinction in the species or  ‘races’ of Homo Sapiens.  I implied that differentiation had progressed to the point that while reproduction between the species was possible that a kind of sterility caused by mating a less evolved species with a more highly evolved species resulted in the aborting of evolution.

     If one examines this proposition step by step one will see that it must be true.

     It is clear that all living beings have evolved from an organism that originated in a salty ocean.  This is an incontestable fact, definitely proven by scientific methods.  In opposition to this scientific reality is religious ideology.  The prevailing ideology is that ‘G-d’ created Homo Sapiens by fiat on the sixth day and that all Homo Sapiens have the same attributes although expressed with some superficial cosmetic differences.   These people cannot be budged by facts or reason.  Nevertheless they are the ones who must be convinced.

     Over the ages and eons countless species have evolved and become extinct for one reason or another.  There have been periods of mass extinctions when life has been all but extinguished.  Nevertheless evolution seems to have continued with ever more finely developed organisms until the hominids evolved and through them Homo Sapiens which our senses proclaim as the crowning point of evolution at this time.

     Evolution takes place by genetic changes.  Changes we can believe in.  These changes are minute and constantly ongoing so that no progenitor of the four species of Homo Sapiens living  today was identical with his predecessor  and certainly not with current Homo Sapiens species.

     If as is  universally believed that the Black African represents the first evolved representative of Homo Sapiens then either one believes evolution ceased at the point of departure between the Last Hominid Predecessor and the Black African  while the differences between the Human species are caused by environmental factors or that evolution is ongoing and that the differences are substantial leading to advanced Homo Sapiens species.  We know for a fact that evolution has not ceased and that the brain is still evolving increasing differentiation.

     So we have something like HSI>HSII>HSIII>? plus the sterile offshoots of Semites and Mongolids.  the latter two are more highly evolved than HSI but do not participate in further evolution.

     Now, while HSI is capable if impregnating a female of any of the four other species he is incapable of transmitting any genetic information but that which his species possesses.  As I indicated in my noted essay, nature is imprecise and haphazard.  For evolution to continue the transmitting HSII male must locate a receptive carrier HSIII female.  That means that for evolution to continue HSIIIs should impregnate only possible HSIII females.  These are readily identifiable by what the ideologues call skin color and certain other external attributes.

     Thus as in the current trend to encourage HSII and HSIII males and females especially to mate with Black Africans or HSI is a species of race war and actual genocide.  The result of a pairing of HSI and HSIII will always be an HSI offspring and never an HSIII.  This is a physical impossibility.  The HSI female is incapable of receiving the advanced genetic material of the HSIII male while the HSI male is equally incapable of transmitting it to an HSIII female.

     The end result of each such mating must be the aborting of evolution and the return to the savagery that has always been Africa.

     Think about it.  Work it out.



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