Bomber Bill Ayers At Bay


Bomber Bill Ayers At Bay


R.E. Prindle


     I think the Bomber is getting uneasy.  I think he’s feeling slighted.  He’s titled his latest post to his blog: ‘Vote ‘Me’ for Secretary of Education.’

     Then on backup he’s posted a long complaint by a fellow criminal named ‘Gumbo’ Albert.  Cute huh?  Gumbo closes the diatribe like this:

     I believe it’s time for former Weather Underground leaders to publicly acknowledge the collateral deaths, in addition to the deaths of their own comrades.  And then they should be forgiven- and forgive themselves.

     Boy, that’s easy.  Read ‘collateral’ deaths as murders and then check out the Cold Case files on TV for those forty year old cold cases brought to trial.  No forgiveness there.  They take those old geezers and salt them  away for the remaining few years of their lives.  They call it justice, too.

     So forgive yourselves if you can, Bomber and Gumbo, but expect no mercy from the court of public opinion.  Not even if one of you is the ‘Distinguished Professor’ of Education at U. Illinois.

     We know where the Bomber’s at.  Check this out from his latest post: ( )

     (We need) an end to starving schools of much needed resources and then blaming teachers and their unions for dismal outcomes; and an end to the rapidly  accumulating “educational debt”, the resources due to communities historically segregated, under-funded and under-served.  All children and youth in a democracy, regardless of economic circumstance, deserve full access to richly resourced classrooms led by caring, qualified and generously compensated teachers.

     The Bomber’s supposed to be an expert on education but all he says is money, money, money- resources, under-funded, richly rsourced classrooms, generously compensated teachers.  Yakkety-yak, yakkety yak.  No child left behind.  Problem solved, nobody gets ahead.  A hundred million spent by the Bomber, Barry and the CAC.  No results.  Billions spent by the Bush administration.  No results.  Obama sounds like Bush with the needle ticking over the same crack. Tick, Tick, Tick.  Heck, Barry used the exact same arguments during his campaign.  Do great minds run in the same rut or do we have a little ‘guilt by association’ here; who learned from whom?  Still, the Bomber got passed over.

     How could Barry pick ‘basketball buddy’ Arne Duncan over the Bomber?  Might possibly have been an insult since the Bomber considers Duncan a failed administrator.  One begins to feel that maybe Barry stiffed The Bomber and his crew.  Maybe Barry, Bernie and the Bomber sat around like high schoolers planning what they would do when the Bomber got Barry elected.

     Listen to the Bomber’s cabinet choices:

     I would have picked Darling-Hammond for (for education) but then again I would have picked Noam Chomsky for state,’ Naomi Klein for defense, Bernardine Dohrn for Attorney General, Bill Fletcher for commerce, James Thindwa for labor, Baarbara Ransby for human services, Paul Krugman for treasury and Amy Goodman for press secretary.

     And then the Bomber sagely adds: ‘So what do I know?’

     Bernie Dohrn for Attorney General?  Get the hell out of here, Bomber.  No wonder Barry says he never heard of you before.

    ‘Chicago?  Chicago?  Did you say this Mr. Ayers is from Chicago?  No, I don’t believe I’ve heard of him before.’

     The Bomber must have been too short to be a basketball buddy.





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