Skin Color And Nonsense


Skin Color And Nonsense

     If certain people who can be identified by certain characteristics have contributed the most to the advancement of civilization does that mean their achievements were made by ‘privilege’ in the accepted sense of the word?

     And is that privilege solely due to the color of their skin?  Does anyone believe that if Africans had achieved what Euroamericans have achieved that the color of their skin wouldn’t be a mark of distinction and privilege?  Of course it would.  So why haven’t Black Africans achieved what Euroamericans have?

     Certainly the First Born, the first Homo Sapiens had a head start on the Whites.  Blacks had perhaps a 50 to 100 thousand year head start before the White species came into existence.  Over the 150-200 thousand  years of African existence Blacks hadn’t done so much as develop a written language, no alphabet.

     So, is it because Blacks are Black that there is a lack of achievement or is because in the course of evolution as the first Homo Sapiens Blacks were and are least evolved or developed of the human species?

     This I know, white skin color may be a symptom but it is not the direct cause of White achievements.  If Blacks were top achievers in the world Black would be the favored color.  We’d all look up to it.  We’d give anything to be Black.  Why don’t we?


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