Invasion Of The Baby Snatchers


Invasion Of The Baby Snatchers


R.E. Prindle


     It would seem that the homocentrics will become more aggressive with the oppointment of Bomber Billy Ayer’s disciple Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education by BomberBilly’s main man President elect Barry Obama.  There is some question as to whether Duncan himself is a homosexual or (smirk) a bi-guy.

     As the stated goal of homocentrics is to turn the five year olds of the nation I think it time to treat the various centrics operating in American society as self-interested if not, dangerous, elements.

     The purpose of all centrics is to impose their phobias or neuroses or psychoses on the whole population as the norm.  This whether they be homocentrics, Afro-centrics, Judaeo-centrics, Sino-centrics, Islamo-centrics or whatever.  Perhaps it is time to quarantine them something like one’s computer quarantines a virus, else soon your computer obeys the virus’ commands rather than your own.

     At any rate the homo-centrics have gained the initiative in Obama’s upcoming administration.  Regardless of any disavowals behind the scheme is the now modest and self-effacing Bomber Billy Ayers.  No longer as exuberant as when he announced to the world ‘What a great country!.  I’m guilty as sin and free as a bird!, he now wishes to present a more sober image to the world.  He and that aberrant woman, Bernie Dohrn.

     Like all fanatics down through history the Chicago Cronies believe that if you can control the eductation of the young you can mold them in your own self-image.  And they call that diversity.  Hence the urgent homo-centric urge to get to those five year olds now.  Teach them buggery at five and behold! a nation of homo-centrics.

     Of course, the end result (no pun intended) will not be what the homo-centrics expect.  By the time the five year olds reach puberty and the real pressure is put on them to assume the position then, the (ahem!)  will hit the fan.  You betcha, count on it.  There’s more to life than a shaft up the rectum.  Some people have more important things to do.

     The drive to open homosexual high schools and the push toward infantile sexuality is sure to be divisive.  I’m sure the notion that Barry was going to bring us together with change we can believe in was not  intended in this way- I hope.

     The push to impose the homo-centric psychosis on everybody is on.  One must either resist or turn it up.  There is no middle way.  Your babies’ future is at stake.  There is no Constitutional argument.  Sexual practices are not even referred to by the Constitution.  There is no Constitutional conflict that requires a decision from the Supreme Court.  If the Justices accept such a brief it will only prove that they themselves are homocentric and should recuse themselves.

     Act now or pay the price. 


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