Bomber Billy Ayers Justifies Himself


Bomber Billy Ayers Justifies Himself


R.E. Prindle


The Real Bill Ayers:

     The poor old unjustly maligned Bomber writes in the New York Times:

In the recently concluded presidential race, I was unwillingly thrust upon the stage and asked to play a role in a profoundly dishonest drama.  I refused, here’s why.

     Oh, oh.  Profoundly dishonest drama! How self-righteous.  After willingly having thrust himself upon us as a nerd bomber in the sixties, having imposed his sex laden educational theories upon us, tutored the future President of the United States, he now says he was ‘unwillingly thrust?’  Oh, oh, Billy!

     The Bomber, apparently, floating through life in a make believe ballroom of his own devise, his feet never the ground is an apparition to behold.  In this mental whirl he then writes:

Unable to challenge the content of Barack Obama’s campaign his opponents invented a narrative about a young politician who emerged from nowhere, a man of charm, intelligence and skill, but with an exotic background and a strange name….Secondary ‘characters’ in the narrative included an African-American preacher with a fiery style, a Palestinian scholar and an ‘unrepentant domestic terrorist.’  Linking the candidate with these supposedly shadowy characters, and ferreting out every imagined secret and dark affiliation became big news.

     Oh, oh.  Invented a narrative?  Not as good as the one you just invented, Bomber.  One doesn’t ferret out imagined secrets, Bomber, one creates them.  So were the secrets ferreted out true or not?  You’re a supposedly shadowy character?  Come on.

     Do you say an important educational expert, Distinguished Professor, like yourself never met the ‘African-American preacher with the fiery style’; or the ‘Palestinian scholar?’  We know you’re the unrepentant terrorist.  You’re not going to deny that are you?

     Rumors are floating that you turned your superb writing skills to help the ‘Palestinian scholar.’  Used to be a Negro disc jockey in Oakland before he became a Palestinian scholar, didn’t he?   Even better some ‘nutcake’ on the internet comparing texts has tentatively concluded that you either ghost wrote or rewrote Barry’s absurd Dreams From My Father.  This ‘nutcake’ did have an argument.  How about it, Bomber, in your slight contact with Barry did you write or organize his book for him?

     Gosh, Bomber,  somewhere else on your site a posting says you associated with every signficant person in Chicago.  How did you miss a ‘man of charm, intelligence and skill’  like Barry Obama?   What’s witchu man?

     I never killed or injured anyone.  I did join the civil rights movement in the mid-sixties…

     ‘I did join the civil rights movement…?

     Get out of here, Bomber.  Get real.  Your invented narrative isn’t flying.

     I was cast in the “unrepentant terrorist” role.  I felt like the enemy projected onto a large screen in the “Two Mintues Hate” scene from George Orwell’s “1984,” when the faithful gathered in a frenzy of fear and loathing.

     You were cast in a ‘role.’  Oh you kid!  Oh you dreamer you.  It’s no role; it’s your life.  Did you feel like the enemy?  You are the enemy.  ‘The ‘faithful’ do see you with loathing.  Forget the fear, twerp.



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