Barry And The Stealth Bomber


Barry And The Stealth Bomber


R.E. Prindle


     It is a little early to piece together Obama”s appointments.  One thing that is clear is that any change will not be in a direction away from the last sixteen years but further in that direction..  My own view is that Bush was a mere continuation of policies dating at least to the beginning of the Clinton Administration if not to that of the first Bush, with a slightly different focus.

     Had the World Trade Center not been bombed and Bush forced into wars not of his own making the dissimilarities betwen his and Clinton’s administrations might not be so striking.  Remember he was in a class of kindergartners in Florida when the Towers were bombed.

     Certainly the ‘No Child Left Behind’ nonsense is one with the Clintons.  That brings us to the update of ‘No Child Left Behind’ Obama’s choic of an Education Secretary.  It ever there was a makework job this is it.

     Barry has chosen a Chicago crony (basketball buddy in new speak) by the name of Arne Duncan.  Thus the trail leads back to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in which Barry was able to squander 100 million dollars with no results.  What was Duncan’s role then?

     The CAC leads back to Barry’s cronyship with Bomber Billy Ayers.  As we all know the Bomber is the driving force behind educational theory in Chicagoland but I guess Barry lacked the cojones to appoint the Bomber directly.

     At any rate it appears that Arne Duncan accepts the Bomber as his mentor as well as does Barry.

     The Pederast Party of which Barry is now the ‘elected’ representative as President has quickly zoned in on those beloved cute little five year olds.  ‘No child’s behind left alone.’

     Indeed, Arne (may I?) is busy settup up schools for homosexual youth in Chicago.  We may expect to see a few hundred in the US within the next couple years if the Empire holds together.  Screw the economy, five year olds first.

     If Barry, Arne and the Bomber are successful they may be able to turn the whole country gay within a few years.  Once those five year olds learn to turn it up pederasty will be just another form of ‘acceptable’ sex.  A pederast’s paradise.  What is the meaning of the term ‘sex offender’ I wonder?  The age old Homo dream may possibly come true.    Fuck or fail.

     Perhaps Barry is some sort of Black ‘savior’ after all.  Looking for love in all the wrong places.  Unless you’re partial, of course.




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