Obama, Bob Dylan And Rebbe Schneerson


Obama, Bob Dylan And Rebbe Schneerson


R.E. Prindle

Hoffman, Michael A., Judaism Discovered From Its Own Texts, 2008, Independent History And Research



     I know I am speaking of things of which few people are familiar nevertheless it has to be done.

     I include a couple web references to the Rebbe and the Lubavitcher Movement of Judaism.

     If you haven’t studied the history of Judaism most of this will probably seem mysterious to you but you should pay close attention to it.  Take an hour or two to familiarize yourself with it.   I have already written on the plan to exterminate the billion strong White population on this site and another of my sites I, Dynamo.  This may sound incredible but the plot is afoot and with a couple good bounces will be a success.  Especially if you’re not looking at it but the other way.  The plot is a combination Jewish,African and Liberal effort.  The extermination coincides with the arrival of the Jewish Messiah and Redemption.

     Michael A. Hoffman, a learned researcher, in his work Judaism Discovered noted above offers the following result of his reseach on pages 300-301 of his work.  He titles his section ‘Judaism’s False Messiah Syndrome.’  All the Jewish Messiahs up to now have been failed Messiahs but it is possible that the Jews have finally got it right.  Whether true or false is up to you.  Hoffman says:

     “in 1951, during the Rebbe’s (Schneerson) first discourse, he said that our present generation was the seventh from the Alter Rebbe- the first Lubavitcher Rebbe.  The Rebbe explained that Moses, the leader of the seventh generation after Abraham, was the catalyst in bringing the divine presence into the world.  In a similar way, the Rebbe, outlined, our generation- the seventh is tasked with, and will succeed in bringing the divine presence into the  world permanently, with the full redemption.  Strikingly almost every week in 1991 and 1992 the Rebbe reiterated verbally and in writing, that this generation is the last exile and first of geula, or salvation.  In 1990 during the First Gulf War, the Rebbe explicitly stated that the ‘service of spiritual refinement’ of the exile had been completed.  Also that year, chracterizing the statement as divine prophecy, the Rebbe issued the projection: ‘Behold, Moshiach is about to come.’  The Rebbe directed all chabad Hasidim to publicize this prophecy, and to add that we have merited that God has chosen an individual beyond all others to serve as the leader and prophet of this generation.  In 1992, the Rebbe told Chabad emissaries that their mission had been completed and that all efforts should concentrate on preparing to greet the messiah, who would be arriving imminently.”

     The Rebbe’s followers believed him to be the Messiah but he may have been the precursor who set the stage to make the Redemption possible.  It would appear that his work has a very good chance of succeeding.

     The Rebbe died in the nineties of the last century so that he won’t see his work brought to fruition.  In the late eighties another Jew by the name of Noel Ignatiev  founded the New Abolitionist Party whose stated goal was the extermination of the ‘White’ race by any means necessary.

     Ignatiev was a professor at Harvard.  At that time Barry Obama who was in Harvard Law School was chosen as the President designate to bring the White House to the African species.  All efforts, including the national media, were then bent towards Obama’s achieving this goal.  Once in the Presidency allied with the Jews who put him there the two, Jews and Africans, would be in position to control, dominate and exterminate whites in America while I have no doubts that the uprising in Europe will occur at the same time.

     Schneerson did not live to see the promised land but a man indoctrinated by the Lubavitichers may.  that man who has been working toward the redemption since 1960 is Bob Dylan.  Dylan today has a fanatical quasi-religious following.

     Obama during the campaign said he was a big Dylan fan – very unlikely- naming his favorite song as ‘Ain’t Gonna Work On Maggie’s Farm No More.’  Of course neither Obama nor any of his family had ever come near a plantation in old Dixie but Obama has adopted a Southern Negro/Chicago persona.  For those of you who insist Obama is not Black in outlook, you’re wrong.  His racial ancestry half White-half Black is irrelevant.  The man is pure Negro at heart. 

     Dylan during the course of the election off handedly endorsed Obama.  However on election night Dylan returned symbolically to Minneapolis and U. Minnesota at which he was entrolled in 1959 but didn’t attend for a concert.  To return on the night of the election of a Black president was a triumph over old hatreds for Dylan.

     Now, there are two accounts of the following incident.  That of Greil Marcus, who has some importance but who you might not know of, is that before playing his 1961 song: The Times They Are A Changin’, Obama’s slogan is Change We Can Believe In, Dylan said:  Things are gonna change now. and got out from behind the piano, danced a little jig in Obama’s honor and played his song.

     A fan who was in the audience was quoted as saying that Dylan’s guitar player was wearing an Obama button and Dylan made some wry derogatory coments about the impossibility of any real change.

     You can take your choice but the symbolism is clear to me that this triumph of Dylan over U. Minnesota and the success of Obama are related.  Somehow the two events signal some sort of redemption for Dylan.  Whether Marcus or Dylan said that things are going to change now the implication is that the Jewish Redemption is thought to be at hand.

     So, I am sure that an all out assault on the White species will begin within the first six months of 2009 if not immediately after the inauguration and if successful it is probable that Bob Dylan if still alive may be hailed as the Jewish messiah.

     That would be quite a story wouldn’t it?  I would advise you at your peril not to rejoice in it.



13 comments on “Obama, Bob Dylan And Rebbe Schneerson

  1. I had thought you were just a harmless atheist intellectual. Now I am seeing your contention that there is a negro-jew conspiracy to kill the whites starting in 2009. Why do you believe this? And why do you call Africans and Whites different “species”? Is it possible you are delusional, like the religious people you decry? After all, you seem to be prophesying…

  2. http://www.vdare.com/roberts/harvard_genocide.htm

    Well, Ray, the world may be different than you surmise. The above is a key you can use if you want. Then visit Kamau Kambon. Read a little James Cone. If you wish to talk you must do this.

    As to the speciation or incipient speciation of Homo Sapiens view my Something Of Value Pt. II on I, Dynamo.

    Am I delusional? I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours as a poet once said. I’m sure that you have to be introduced to the real world. It’s coming fast.

  3. I put no stock in the New Abolitionist Party’s ideas or their ability to succeed. You are feeding fear by giving them exposure. You are the air to their fire- part of the same conflagration. You are a
    self-fulfilling prophet of doom.
    I don’t want to enter your dream of the “real” world, so I’ll pass and stay within the smokerings of my own mind. I have enough of my own nightmares to contend with. But thanks, anyway. As to your specious speciation,”Go on with your bad self”.

  4. Alright Ray. I can understand your feelings but that doesn’t remove the facts. Whatever you may put stock into doesn’t remove the stated intentions of the advocates of race war.

    Can they succeed? Well, why not? Can you answer that question?

    As to speciation, once again calling me ‘my bad self’ does not deal with the facts. If I have my mind filled with smoke rings there would be no facts to refute. As you avoid the facts and concentrate on ephemerals it would seem that you don’t have an adequate refutation.

    Now, Mr. Ignatiev is not some pure ignoramous spouting what should be nonsense. No. He is an academic ignoramous who spouts his nonsense in the halls of Harvard, UC-Berkeley and other sanctums of academic orthodoxy. Do you understand? They take him seriously. They listen to him seriously in the most prestigious universities of America. Now think about that for just a moment.

    Consider that U. Illinois has made a mad bomber, Billy Ayers a Distinguished Professor of education. Consider that former President Weber of the very prestigious Northwestern University gave Ayers pervert criminal wife, Bernardine Dohrn, a job as a LAW professor. Consider that the most prestigious social set in Chicago is proud to associate with both Ayers and Dohrn. Consider that Obama is also part of this terrorist, criminal circle.

    Consider that they have now captured the government of the United States Of America.

    Ray, don’t let smoke get in your eyes.

  5. Look man, I’m not gonna argue with you. I’m not a member of the thought police. I’m not on one side or the other. I just see you fanning the flames of division and fear. You like to label people and events. I understand. It makes your world seem more orderly. You are a smart guy. Just please consider this: some of us appreciate having the great vaudeville artist-poet around and artists do not have the Secret Service to protect them. Yelling fire in a crowded theater is a hurtful thing. Blessed are the peacemakers. Be blessed.

  6. Nice to see you willing to help at least one Jew with his public image. Not the best choice IMHO, but it’s a start. Baby steps…(See “What About Bob?”, the movie)

  7. “So, I am sure that an all out assault on the White species will begin within the first six months of 2009 if not immediately after the inauguration”

    Funny. It’s been over a year and no “all out assault” yet. Although, he has bailed out a large amount of bourgeois white people, who may even be Jewish! I recommend fucking someone or something immediately. Maybe you can calm the fuck down and return to planet Earth. It must’ve been incredibly stressful in Lala Land.

  8. Hermann the Heckler: Stressful in Lala land? Blissful would be more like it.

    As Obama was obviously an employee of the Global Money Trust when he ran there’s nothing surprising in his following their orders along those lines.

    As far as the race war goes sees my posts: Race War Dateline Detroit, or Denver, or Seattle. I’m working up one on Baltimore and the MSN. I think your objection hinges on the term ‘all out’.

    The assault has been mounting for some time while it is being organized better and will accelerate in the coming near term. May I suggest you view the National Black Foot Soldier site here on WordPress. WordPress has apparently suppressed a couple of the more violent sites although I don’t know why. Let everyone have their say. Who cares? All the better to track the opposition with.

    So, Herm, sit back and enjoy the show. If the revolution won’t be televised it’s because the MSM doesn’t have the guts to show it. Might contradict some of your most cherished beliefs. Did I say lies? No, I did not.

  9. By the Grace of God

    I am a Jewish college student and would like to clarify some points and misconceptions that I noticed in this article.

    Regarding who the Moshiach (Messiah) is: Please see the following site. It is informative and written by people well educated on the topic, and we can infer that Bob Dylan can only be the Moshiach if he descends from King David and is a great Torah scholar, among other criteria:

    Regarding extermination: Everyone will play a role in the Messianic Era, Jew and non-Jew, and so just as everyone was created in the image of G-d, every person also has a G-dly role both in bringing and in living the Messianic Era. There is no reason to kill anyone in order to bring about the Redemption. On the contrary, Jews are instructed to pray that their enemies will become better people and not to rejoice in their downfall.

    I would be happy to clarify any additional points regarding Jewish belief of the Redemption, Moshiach, and such with anybody interested. Please contact me at:

  10. Yair: Thanks so much for your comment. I’m sure that you are right within a context of Judaism. But, let me explain my position.

    The Semitic religions, Judaism, Moslemism and Christianity are atavistic. They have no relevance in today’s world. They are of historical interest only.

    Check out Eric Neumann’s The History Of The Development of Consciousness. A modern practice of Semitic religion is a state of arrested development.

    Jewish ideas of the Messiah are different from Christian ones. As I say I am beyond Semitism but I was raised within the Christian tradition so from that point of view their is only one Messiah and he’s off doing duty somewhere else, he may check in later. You might find the Book Of Urantia interesting from that point of view. Check that one out. A lot of fun. An interesting take on a modern attempt at religion. But he’s the one and that’s who Dylan was checking out. Looking for pointers maybe.

    Also if you’re not familiar with Abba Hillel Silver’s A History Of Messianic Speculation In Israel you might find that of some interest. For example he says that after the failure of the messiahship of Sabbatai Zevi the Elders decided to put no faith in any individual but that the entire People would work for redemption, or, in other words, The Revolution. The dates for the Revolution were set for 1913-28. Work on that one a bit.

    So, while I appreciate your kind offer Judaism is irrelevant. I think you’re narrow casting and you should enlarge your views. Judaism is a dream of the past. Besides I know the Jewish arguments.

    My best to you and try to escape the bondage of religion. It’s a big world out there.

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