Carpe Diem!


Carpe Diem!

     In reviewing the course of recent developments since the election one thing seems to be becoming clear; the national government has been hi-jacked by essentially foreign elements antipathetic to the population.  Barry ‘Bama is to begin his reign by issuing edicts that will have the force of law but without appeal.  The dictatorship begun by Clinton, furthered by Bush is completed by Obama.

     The administration is to be composed of Africans, Israelis and a sprinkling of Liberals under the direction it appears of the Global Money Trust.  The government has divorced itself from the nation; it is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  We the people have no allegiance to a government of such a nature.


     The people are now in revolt against the dictatorship.  On your feet or on your knees.

     Don’t worry about your jobs.  The economy has been scuttled.  What is left is in the process of nationalization.  We live in a Communist State.  No government edict can restore the economy or change the direction.  Hyper inflation will soon be upon us.  Money is no longer an issue.

     Don’t worry about being called names.  Anti-Semite and racist are pre-revolution terms that have lost all meaning.

     The point is to disregard any edicts coming from Washington.  Whoever tries to enforce such edicts is an enemy of the people and must be dealt with accordingly.

     A classical Time of Troubles is upon us; we are already in it.  It is now up to us to seize direction and control from the usurpers.  The past is irretrievably lost; there will be no returning to it.  The future lies before us.  A time of great opportunity.





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