Gird Your Loins, Change We Can’t Believe In May Come

Gird Your Loins:

Change We Can’t Believe In Is Gonna Come


R.E. Prindle;printer.php?id=5834

     We have it direct from the Obama camp itself through the mouth of Communist Joe Biden.  If elected it will not be six months…before the action begins.  The obama ‘We’ mysteriously dips and loops through Biden’s pronouncement:  “‘We’re’ gonna win with your help, God willing…’we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community to stand by him.  Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that ‘we’re right.’   In other words it’s gonna look evil at first but victor’s write the history.

     Biden is talking to a gathering of the Pederast Party openly calling for Liberals to suppress any discussion or dissension  to the policies the Pederast Party is going to initiate within six months of inauguration if Obama is elected.  That means by June of next year.  A very short time to prepare to resist both passively and agressively.

     That is the timetable I’ve been suggesting here for the last several months.  Change is now but not the change the Pederast Party is looking for.  Be ready.  Endure no more insults. There aren’t going to be anyjobs anyway.   When because your opinions differ from the Pederasts throw their accustion of bigot or anti-Semite back in their faces.  The time of tolerance for evil is over.  The line is now drawn.  This is a fight to the finish.  We know who ‘we’ are and we know who they are.  There can be no longer be any compromise.  Remember that White Liberals are more dangerous than the Blacks.  Liberals, as Biden suggests, will weaken us from within.

     Biden has declared that ‘Change is gonna come’.  Let it be our change and not Red Liberals.  No more French or Russian Revolutions.  The next one is ours.



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