Better Fifty Years Of Europe Than A Cycle Of Cathay


Better Fifty Years Of Europe Than A Cycle Of Cathay


R.E. Prindle

Alfred Tennyson

     A rather amazing campaign to make the West feel inferior and bad about themselves has all but succeeded if it hasn’t actually succeeded.  The United States itself which regardless of failings has been the most benevolent nation or people in the history of the world has been vilified and diminished by the very peoples it has saved from themselves if that phrase is not too strong.

     Nations and peoples with failed histories going back thousands of years who also have been elevated by their contact with the West now claim superiority- I include China, India and the Jews; Africa is a negligible quality that will never amount to anything.

     That, in the face of staggering realities, Europe and America should accept the badge of inferiority, shame and guilt, to such less than admirable nations and peoples as India, China, Jews and, god forbid, Africans is alarming in the extreme.

     I’m not going to list Western achievements or the failures of the rest of the world.  I hold those truths self-evident as can anyone who runs.

     The so-called economic miracle of China is totally artificial.  It is a foreign implantation on an ancient static culture and it must always remain so.  The Chinese have no way of understanding it.  They themselves have created no demand.  It is only because they are willing to humble themselves by making their people accept the lowest of wages being in fact Western slaves while submitting to the humiliating dictates of the Global Money Trust- the same people who are now looting the planet in a gigantic Savings and Loan swindle- that they are favored.  If they raise wages or snub the GMT they will feel the results immediately.  The Chinese miracle has been totally financed by the West.

     In a Global crash they will experience the worst devastation the world has ever seen.

     Why does the the West wish to emulate the East?  As the poet Alfred Tennyson who composed the line of my title might ask:  Why stultify yourself?  Yes.  Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay and one might add a cycle of India and another of Semitic Religion.  It was only after Europe’s escape from the domination of Semitic Religion that Tennyson’s line, written in mid-nineteenth century, became possible.

     More important than a mere rejection of the East is a reassumption of pride in ourselves.  It is time to stop listening to the Chinese, Indians, Jews and, good god, Africans and listen to our own ancestors and their world changing achievements that have subordinated the intellects of all others to ours.

     Such an act includes the repudiation and disenfranchisement of our own Liberals who are a despicable lot led by a mad bomber named Billy Ayers.

     What is most important is don’t wait.  Do it now.  Start today.


4 comments on “Better Fifty Years Of Europe Than A Cycle Of Cathay

  1. “Cycle” means “century” in this context (French siécle). Let’s not exaggerate what Tennyson was saying: only a 2:1 advantage for Europe, probably about right for the time.

    And as for Africa never amounting to anything, four hundred years ago the New World would never have amounted to anything except a source of gold (which was of no use except to ruin Spain).

  2. Boy, I’d forgotten all about this one. Thanks for the comment John. You and Tennyson have a conflict in the meaning of the word cycle. Wikipedia gives the meaning: Cycle: A process that returns to its beginning and repeats itself in the same sequence. I think that’s the way Tennyson meant it and the way I’ve always understood the word. I don’t know how you came up with century. Scratch that objection.

    The injection of the ‘Wealth Of The Indies’ may have shaped politics in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries but it had no influence on the development of the Aryan intellect. Notre Dame was built long before Columbus sailed the seas. I could go on but I won’t. It really is to obvious to seriously discuss.

  3. Actually, “a cycle” means “an age”. It is an indefinite period of time in which something is born, rises, and falls. In China, the various dynasties would each represent a cycle. I have also heard “cycle” defined in the context of Tennyson’s poem as a period of a thousand years. It’s certainly much more than a century. It would not be not much of a boast to say, “My fifty years is better than your hundred years”!

    By the way, they say time will tell. It is now 2017. If the Chinese are no more than Western slaves, as suggested above, they appear to be doing very well out of it. Better than their masters, in fact.

  4. Edward: Thanks for the reply. Cycle means and Tennyson meant it this way: A series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order. At the time China was seen as a very static society than never advanced just repeated the same cycle over and over. Presumably a cycle would take a few hundred years or so the be run through. Thus, fifty years of Europe was preferable to an ‘age’ of China. An age is an astrological term enduring for a few years over 2500 years.

    The Western invasion began a terrible time of troubles for China from which they have not worked out of on their own. If one thinks in global terms in their effort to reassert their old time importance they turned to the Communism of the West which is where Mao came from. If they are prospering now it is because the US and Europe shifted their entire economies to China in the mistaken notion of ‘lifting’ them up.

    Even though China has a billion and half people to create the largest economy in the world they are still leaning on the West. If not right in all the details Tennyson had the main idea.

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