Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama 6: Friends In High Places


Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama 6:

Friends In High Places


R.E. Prindle


     Hey, wow!  I got this groovy comment to Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama 5 that referred me to the site: where some guy named Chuck Lewis had posted what he calls an Obamagram.  This one was titled:  We’ve Been Palling Around With Bill Ayers.’

     Chuck manages to overlook Bomber Bill and his wife Bernie’s atrocious crimes of ‘forty years ago.’  That was a long time ago according to Chuck.  I guess that now that time has passed the Bomber has a clean slate again.  The Bomber didn’t pay anybody back for his major crimes- forget that terrorist stuff, Bomber Billy is just a common criminal with big ideas.  It was his intent to murder possibly dozens or hundreds at a military ball.  Well, forget that, that was forty years ago.  This is today and Chuck and his wife Penny, ‘his petite, demure, Peace Corps, Northwestern PhD, school improvement expert, research professor at the University of Chicago and Grinnell College trustee party hearty over at Bill and Bernie’s.  We all know what partying hearty with Bill and Bernie means.  Whooee!!!

     Let’s see, school improvement expert, what kind of reform theories do Barry, the Bomber, Bernie and petite, demure Penny- she does have Big Ones though I hope, have in common.  Oh, I know, has something to do with sex, sex dominates these people’s minds.  Right!  I’ve got it.  They want to teach homosexuality to five year old boys and girls.  Get ’em in kindergarten and bring ’em up right.  Right, guys?  Want to let ’em know what a stiff one is for…and where to put it…here, there, everywhere.

     Chuck, Penny, Billy and Bernie together.  What a scene one can conjur up.

     Chuck lists a whole bunch of people that he says are co-conspiritors with he, Penny, Bomber Bill and Bernie.  I hope Chuck isn’t going to claim the old Weatherpersons weren’t conspiritors?  Hey!  I’ve got to stand up and object if Chuck tries to dismiss me as a conpiracy theorist.  Why not call me an anti-Semite and get it over with.  Oh, here’s one just as good if not better: ‘a mean spirited hater.’

     Well, you’d by wrong Chuck.  Bomber Bill was and is a conspiritor.  You say one of his accomplices is President of U. Illinois?  No wonder the Bomber is a ‘Distinguished Professor.’  You say this list of important Chicagoans are his co-conspiritors?  No wonder the Annenberg gave a murderer and mad bomber 50 mill to squander.  You say that Bomber Bills’ education scheme was a failure?  Yours and those fatuous co-conspiritors too, I might add.  Ah! I understand.  The fifty matched with another 50 mill was inadequate for the task on hand.  You didn’t know that before you began?  Ah! I understand now.

     How much did you need to succeed?  A billion?  Two?  More?  Can’t fail if you’ve got enough money to pour down the hole can you?  Just ask George Bush.

     McCain might not have it all right on Billy and the ‘Bama but something tells me you don’t want him to get it right either.

     Do more than list a bunch of names; tell us what is really going on.

     As a disclaimer I don’t intend to vote for  either Obama or McCain but your cheery letter of endorsement of Barry unconvinced me of nothing.



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