The Economic Revolution: Group Psychology


Economic Revolution:

Group Psychology


R.E. Prindle


     Sigmund Freud went from one of the three greatest Jewish intellects of the twentieth century into disfavor sometime after 1960.  The Jews have allowed the ‘great intellect’ to be discredited.  One must ask why?  Because he is the key to the nature of the post-1920 assault on Western culture.

    The key book for an understanding is his ‘Group Psychology And The Analysis Of The Ego.’  Multi-culturalism is group psychology in action.  Each culture has its own group psychology and group ego.  Thus it is important to separate group psychology from the study of cultures else differences are accentuated.  Especially so in the Jewish culture which then has a separate identity from that of the West.

     Freud obviously having never heard the admonition ‘never a lender or borrower be’ borrowed heavily from other thinkers.  The basis for his ‘Group Psychology’  is the 1895  work of the Frenchman Gustave Le Bon entitled ‘The crowd: A Study Of The Popular Mind.’  One should be familiar with both works.

     Combined with hypnotism one has the basis of the nature of the Jewish assault.  Hypnotism as crowd control is achieved through the message enclosed in the media of movies, TV, radio and records or CDs.  Backed up by the enraged charge of ‘anti-Semitism’ the Western mind as been completely hypnotized and paralyzed.

     It is absolutely essential that the above be understood if the West is to free itself from the Semitic incubus by which I mean both Jews and Moslems.

     The psychological method then formed the direction of the four thousand year old assault using these new and very formidable tools, themselves all the creation of the victims themselves.  The victims should have tried understanding media.


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