Economic Revolution: The Matter Of Scale


Economic Revolution:

The Matter Of Scale


R.E. Prindle


     The problem is that the world is entering a Global Economy.  Globalism is a major change in scale.

     As an analogy, when there is little and light traffic across a river virtually a few narrow planks thrown across the river will suffice.  As the scale of traffic increases one needs a more substantial structure; then one needs two or four lanes.  Originally the bridge went from bank to bank, then overtopped  the banks.  Today the highway structure is elevated completely disregarding the river, as it were.

     With each change in scale what existed is destroyed to enable the larger structure.  Each destruction becomes larger and larger as more and more area is required.  H.G. Wells at the turn of the twentieth century was to first to publicize the notion of change of scale that I am aware of.

     Globalism requires one world capitol instead of many national capitols while what were previously nation states become mere provinces or regions.  What were national presidents or premiers become mere administrators subject to the Global government, hence the strange, apparently incomprehensible behavior of Bush or Brown.  They are not responding to an electorate but to ’employers.’ 

     For comparison check out the global organization of Mars projected by Edgar Rice Burroughs in which the Martian city of Helium was the global capitol of Mars.

     As independent nations become an impediment to the realization of a global government so also the small scale economic structure must be replaced by large scale mega economic organizations capable of operating over former national boundaries and subsidiary to a central global organization.

     Hence in the last fifty years or so economic structures have been purposely destroyed to make way for larger more comprehensive entities.  To build the new entities requires the destruction of the old.  Those in the way of the juggernaut will be rolled over as always.  Many will benefit but many more will suffer.

     The question as always is who is calling the shots.  Who will benefit and who will suffer?  While the change in scale may be thought of as inevitable, beneficiaries and victims can be strictly controlled as it obviously is being controlled today.

     The key point is that the change in scale is being carefully manipulated.  None of this is accidental; it was managed, is being managed, with a definite social goal in mind.

     Forget either McCain or Obama as presidents; they will be, as Bush was, mere hired namagers who because of a lag in political change must be elected by an electorate rather than appointed by a board.  Technically they could be ‘fired’ at any time.

     The people to watch are those of the International or Global Money Trust.


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