Economic Revolution: Global Work Force


Economic Revolution:

The Global Work Force


R.E. Prindle


     If one follows the various IQ discussions on the web something becomes clear right away.  Reality is being distorted. 

     The favored species and/or races are lined up like this.  The Jews  are given the highest average IQ followed by the Chinese.  These are the favored two.  After the Chinese come ‘Whites’ while at the bottom of the IQ stats are the Africans with various Browns in between.

     Even though all Science and higher Civilization have been created by ‘Whites’ this is apparently the result of a middling average IQ.  While the Jews and the Chinese with their native joke civilizations have and do emulate the ‘Whites’ in their pursuit of success the fact is apparently deemed irrelevant.

     All such IQ statistics are to be deemed specious.  ‘The Jews’ clearly do not have the highest IQ.  Only Jews who have been associated with Western Culture for over two thousand years register high IQs.  All those Jews, the majority, associated with Black or Brown cultures have a much lower average IQ than the median ‘White.  Thus the average Jewish IQ must of necessity be below the median.  I’m sure both the Chinese and Western Jewish scores are cooked.  Whites with anywhere near the posted scores could never have developed higher mathematics and higher mathematics is a Western achievement.  You think about it for a while and figure it out.

     The social impetus is to join ‘Whites’ with Blacks and Browns through intermarriage which will have the effect of Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ of creating a class structure based on ‘intelligence.’  The governing classes of this New Order will be, or are intended to be,  the Jews firmly atop as the ultimate governors, as per the Bible,  followed by the Chinese as administrators.  The ‘Gammas’ of mixed Black, White and Brown ancestry are to do the grunt or slave labor.

     Now, whether you accept the intent, no other conclusion as to the results of this social policy can be drawn from the evidence.  After the mixing Jews and Chinese with reputed 100+ IQs will be governing a hodge podge with IQs running from 70 to 95 on the average.

     If the upper two monopolize education while denying the bottom cadres one can see the direction events must take.  As, according to accepted IQ statistics, all others except Whites are already at 95 or below, Whites remain the problem.

     Thus the thrust of the Money Trust social policy is to eliminate ‘Whiteness’ from the planet.

     The current financial crisis is intended to debilitate the Whites reducing their economic superiority.


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