Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama 5: In The ‘Hood


Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama In the ‘Hood


R.E. Prindle

Billy Having Fun.

Billy Having Fun.


     On Billy’s blog 8/3/08 Linda Lenz writes:

     In other words Obama does, indeed, know Bill Ayers as more than just a guy in the neighborhood.  So do a host of civic leaders in Chicago.  For example, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge board included Susan Crown of the General Dynamics Corp. family, Patricia Graham, former dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Arnold Weber, past president of Northwestern University and of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago.  Indeed, just about everyone active in Chicago school reform in the early days saw Ayers as a colleague.  No one ever accused them of being radical because of their association with Bill Ayers.

     Of course that begs the question, Why not?  What do we have here but a veritable rogues gallery of ‘radicals?’

     Weber of Northwestern?  Say, isn’t he the fellow who hired Bernie Dohrn?  And that was after she said this.  Lee and Shlain, Acid Dreams, 1985.

      The Weathermen went a step further by lauding (Charles) Manson as a heroic, acid-ripped street fighter who offed some ‘rich honky pigs.”  “Dig it!” exclaimed Bernardine Dohrn.  “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach!  Wild!”  The Weather people proclaimed 1970 :”the Year of the Fork” in Manson’s honor.

     And Herr Doktor Professor Weber made this woman a LAW professor at Northwestern University?  Wild!  Indeed, why wasn’t he called a radical- or worse?

     From the same authors, Lee and Shlain:

     “We have one task,’ Billy Ayers stated, “and that’s to make ourselves into tools of the revolution.”  Toward this end the Weather collectives embarked upon a rigorous process of internal purification.  They sought to overcome their bourgeois cultural conditioning by living in places that were filthy and foul.  Sometimes they went without food to save money for more important things, such as guns.  They rejected romantic love as a capitalist hangup and abondoned monogamous sexual relations in favor of orgies and freewheeling partner swapping.  (People who fuck together, fight together.)  was the going slogan.

     And now Billy and Bernie are man and wife.  Are we to believe they ever stopped being ‘tools of the revolution?’  Not if Billy stomping the flag in the alley means anything.

     So, what about U. Illinois and Northwestern?  Both outfits knew who Billy and Bernie were before they hired them.  They too must be ‘tools of the revolution.’  So why doesn’t someone call them radicals because of their of associtation with Billy and Bernie?  Why, indeed.

     To quote Linda Lenz again ‘…Obama does, indeed, know Bill Ayers.,.’ and Bernie too.

     The question is did Billy shape Barry into a ‘tool of the revolution’ or was it even necessary.




4 comments on “Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama 5: In The ‘Hood

  1. Sounds like a lot of guilt by association. If former terrorists can’t get jobs in universities who will hire them? Why would they give up all the money and glamor, terror had once provided? Personally, I think it would make a better country if we reached out and attended more dinner parties with former terrorists.

  2. Goneshiny: Is there some trick to printing anything other than the front page? I find your post very interesting and revealing. I have comments I can make. One seldom reads such stunning naivte.

    I need something in my hand to highlight and underline though. Help me if you can.

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