Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama IV: A Time To Act


Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama IV:

A Time To Act  (There is a question mark that should be located after asp that won’t register. Insert it.)


     At the above site the Bomber is quoted in a language that’s large and generous and encompassing.  Until, he says… we have act.  Yes. The viper hidden in the apple.  Bear the image in mind because the bomber has explained his modus operandus.

I came across a very accurate description of Bomber Bill in an old P.C. Wren novel, Beau Sabreur.  An agitator of the Bomber’s stripe seeking to undermine the French Army is being described, p.50:

     He was clearly a monomaniac whose whole mental content was hate – hate of France; hate of all who had what he had not; discipline and government; hate of whatever and whomever did not meet his approval.  I put him down as one of those sane lunatics, afflicted with a destruction complex; a diseased egoist, and a treacherous, dangerous mad dog.  Also a very clever man indeed, an eloquent, plausible and forceful personality….The perfect agent-provacateur, in fact.

     Yes.  Ever since his charges were dismissed because of a court error Bomber Bill has gone on planning the corruption and destruction of the United States.  As the time to act through his surrogate, Barry ‘Bama approaches the Bomber lost his self-control and had himself photographed and published trampling the American flag.  Yes, the old hate for his country is still there, the time for action approaches.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.

     Does anyone really believe that the Mad Bomber and Bad Bernie haven’t been planning and scheming, organizing for Der Tag.  You’d have to be fanciful.  Oh, the Bomber knows words, how to speak fair, how to disguise his true meaning.  He transfers his hate for you into apparent concern for the ‘disadvantaged’, Negroes and those poor Lesbians and Homosexuals.  Oh yes, and picks up numerous troops of allies along the way.

     As one studies Barry’s Blueprint For Action…uh…Change what one see in Bomber Bill’s words is…well, listen:  When we talk for example about health care, about peace, we’re talking a language of ethics…So we have to speak in a language that’s large and encompassing.  And then we have to act.

     So Barry the Stooge has a mouthful of promises but every promise has a barb.  First an entire new bureaucracy has to be created.  That bureaucracy with with some very fine paying jobs has to be staffed.  With whom?  According to the Pay Back the first beneficiaries will be Negroes, then Gay-Liberals as the Pederast Party assumes control.  Thus the Nation will be milked for the benefit of people who as the Bomber explains:  Even though we think of ourselves as political, we aren’t politicians.  We are people who have a moral vision…’

     Yes.  And it can only be implemented by immoral means.  And the so-called moral vision will be imposed by those same immoral bureaucrats as the new Gestapo.  In order to enforce their vision new laws will have to be passed that will make existing laws seem primitive indeed.

     Barry is merely a tool of Bomber Billy Ayers.  Bomber Bill is psychotic.  P.C. Wren had his type pegged perfectly.




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