Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama IIIb: Tracing Pathways And Routes


Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama IIIb:

Tracing Pathways And Routes


     Chicago is a hot bed for these revolutionary movments.  Been that way since the boyhood of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  So one has a number of different strains coming together there.  One has the Black Liberation Theology   of which it would seem that Barry cannot deny his adherence, then one has the Communist strain, strong in Chicago through Saul Alinsky and others; those then are organized into a social science concept that Barry participates in.  The three streams are self-evident.

     Now, Bomber Bill also does all three.  He’s a Communist whether with a small c or Capitol C is immaterial.  He seems to think the difference hinges on whether you were a Stalinist or Trotskyite.  The news on that is that they were all Stalinists until Khruschev’s ’56 speech.  Close Trotskyites kept their heads low and brayed the Stalinist line.  The situation was exactly the same as that between Catholics and Arians.

     As one who hates the United States and White people Bomber Bill is totally sympathetic to Black Liberation

Bomber Bill Stomping On Flag In Chicago Alley

Bomber Bill Stomping On Flag In Chicago Alley

Theology while his social science credentials are obvious in his educational theories.  There is no reason to think that Bomber Bill wasn’t fully aware of Pastor Wright and his church.  Quite probably he knows Wright.

     The whole agitation scene in Chicago whether among Blacks  or others was and is Communist controlled.  It therefore follows that Bomber Bill and Bad Bernie Dohrn were and are involved at various levels.  If Barry was essentially recruited by U. Chicago to teach Constitutional law, not his field of specialization,  on what I consider skimpy to non-existent credentials then it also follows that from Harvard to U. Chicago he was being promoted by the Reds and being groomed as a Presidential candidate.

     His only credentials for the Presidency are that he worked as a  social worker on the South Side.  There he built up his credibility among the Blacks by promising them money that he would con from someone else.  In other words he would get them OPM for nothing.  If he was not particularly successful pre-Harvard, being very small potatoes in his approach, he was astonishingly successful after Harvard when he had 100 million in largesse to distribute.  The largesse came directly from Bomber Billy who then went to work to launch Barry’s political career representing the predominately Black South Side.  Having by now come through in Red terms as a master expropriator liberating tens of millions of dollars his grateful constituents returned him  by a resounding majority.

     If you read Barry’s Blueprint For Change what becomes immediately clear is that his old South Side social worker mentality has been translated to a national scale.  He is now promising everyone that he is going to plunder your government to give everything from tax breaks to cash bonuses.

     On that level we do not need a South Side social worker as the President of The United States.  The money to satisfy Barry’s promises isn’t there.  In the words of  the novelist Iceberg Slim Barry’s campaign is the long white con.

     Where do Bomber Bill and Bad Bernie Dohrn enter the national picture?


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