Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama IIIa: Tracing Pathways And Routes


Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama IIIa:

Tracing Pathways And Routes


R.E. Prindle


     A fact is that both Barry and The Bomber attended Ivy League schools with overlapping years.  Both men then returned to Chicago.  Both men were and are Communists.  At the time both men attended Ivy League schools in which the New Abolitionship Party was taking form.  By which I mean that a hot topic of discussion in Red circles was what to do next.

     The Bomber was getting educational degrees to add to his degree from Red U Michigan from two Red schools in NYC.  In 1984 Ayers received a Masters in Education from Bank Street Teacher’s College a few blocks from Columbia University in NYC.  Then in 1987 he received an M. Ed and a Ph.D in Education from Columbia.

     At some time later he arrived again in Chicago where he found employment as a Professor of Education at U. Illinois in Chicago.  Between 1988 and 1995 he entrenched himself enough to ask for and receive a grant of 50 million dollars from the Annenberg Challenge.  This was on condition that the money be matched.  Bomber Bill was able to root out an additional fifty million for a total of a cool 100 million dollars.  A mighty arsenal.  For what?

     Now, during this whole period Bomber Bill was notorious as the Mad Bomber leader of the Weathermen.  He had escaped conviction for his crimes, one suspects, by the intervention of some powerful influence who had the conviction set aside.  Knowing his background U. Illinois hired Ayers and gave him the fast track to tenure.  Knowing who he was and what he had done the executives of the Annenberg Trust entrusted the Mad Bomber with 50,000,000 of their dollars.  They are therefore complicit after the fact in his crimes and implicated in any future ones.

     Surely the actions of U. Illinois and the Annenberg Trust are unaccountable unless complicit.

     Now, in 1988 Barry gained admission to Harvard Law School.  We are unaware of what his qualifications for this prestigious law school were unless it was the fact that he was Black.  Barry not only breezed through the Law School but passed the Bar first testing.

     While at Harvard he was the first Black editor of the Harvard Law Review.   Well, it could happen to anybody, if you know what I mean.  While at Harvard his future publisher from NYC showed up one day to offer him an unsolicited decent cash advance to write a book.  Barry hadn’t written anything at this time.  Now, that’s something that happens to very few people.  One asks why?  Obviously to build Barry up for bigger things.  By this time Noel Ignatiev was busy on campus and the New Abolitionist Party with its organ, Race Traitor, was coming into existence.

     Departing Cambridge in 1992 Barry returned to Chicago passing the Illinois Bar and taking a position with a legal firm.

     Now, in 1995 Bomber Bill raised his 100 million for an educational experiment- the taking over of the Chicago school system.  Who does Bomber Bill tap to head his project?  Why the fledgling lawyer from Harvard via the South Side, Barack Obama.

     All of a sudden Barry has 100 million dollars at his disposal and the team of Ayers-Obama made an effort to capture the Chicago school system which was frustrated by Mayor Daley.

     In 2001 the project was suddenly abandoned.  The 100 million dollars was gone within six years.  Where did it go?


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