Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama II: Basic Education


Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama II:

Basic Education


R.E. Prindle


     One of the more interesting planks in Barry’s platform is his plan to make education work.  In his Blueprint For Change booklet posted on his website Barry says of the No Child Left Behind program of George Bush:  The goal of the law was the right one, but unfulfilled funding promises…undercut its support.  So Barry is essentially saying that with enough money every child can be made an Einstein.

     Fortunately improving schools and obtaining results is an area in which Barry actually has some experience for us to consider.  In 1995, fresh from Harvard Law School, Barry was entrusted with the administration of an important educational fund.  Teaming up as adiministrator of the CAC- Chicago Annenberg Challenge- with his casual acquaintance, Bomber Billy Ayers, they were to attempt to turn Chicago’s schools around.

     Did they have money?  Oh boy, did they ever.  In six years, before the Odd Couple’s administration was deemed superfluous they went through 100 million dollars of OPM, (Other People’s Money) net result- 0.  That’s right, nothing as in 100 million zeros.

     Now, having failed at his first effort of 100 million dollars of OPM Barry, and one presumes his buddy, Bomber Bill, want to tackle the same prblem with billions of OPM (Yours) and the full authoritarian force of the US government.

     Did I use the word authoritarian?  Well, the Bomber and Barry are Communists, aen’t they?  Here’s how ‘Early Childhood Education’ will work.  ‘Zero to Five Plan:  Obama’s comprehensive “Zero to five” plan will provide critical support to young children and their parents.’

     ‘Critical support’ is another army of bureaucrats to control you whether you need or want it or not.  In other words Billy and Barry will be teaching pederasty, under the rubric of ‘freedom of choice’ to infants of from Zero to Five without parents having the ‘freedom’ to reject the plan.  Both parents and their zero to five infants would come under the domination of Barry and the Bomber’s Communist authoritarian State.

Consider this.


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