Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama I: Bringin’ It All Back Home


Bomber Billy And Barry ‘Bama I:

Bringin’ It All Back Home


R.E. Prindle


     Barry want to squelch those ads linking him with Bomber Billy Ayers and Bad Motorcycle Berardine Dohrn real bad and with good reason.  Guilt by association?  Not by a long shot.  Bomber Bill is now a professor of Education while education is a peculiarly large plank in Barry’s platform.  The two boys have a lot in common.

     Bomber Bill is a full fledged psychotic.  He has today the same psychosis that he had back in the sixties when he was mixin’ up the medicine in the basement.  It hasn’t changed; it has only deepened.  Back then the little ol’ slogan monger created such dillies as ‘Bring The Revolution Home’ and ‘Kill Your Parents’.

     Managing to commit crimes the Moslem Terrorists could, and maybe did, learn from Ayers, who although admitting guilt escaped all punishment.  ‘Guilty as sin, free as a bird.’  As he put it.  Rather than becoming a pariah in society he was given sanctuary by U. Illinois where he is today a tenured professor of, get this, education. 

     He has written a series of books, none of which I have read, but the titles are instructive of the nature and depth of his psychosis.

     ‘A Kind And Just Parent’ would seem to refer to his psychotic reaction to his own parents who he obviously considered unkind and unjust.  While advising others to kill their parents The Mad Bomber failed to kill his.  Pop is now behind his boy urging him on.

     ‘To teach’ I should think refers to passing his monkey along.

     ‘Zero Tolerance:  Risisting The Drive For Punishment In Our Schools.’  Billy apparently thinks he was treated harshly in school.  For myself, attending grade school in the forties, I neither experienced punishment  of any kind nor did I see any.  If the Bomber thinks he was punished he must be very sensitive.  Perhaps the answer can be sought in his next title:  Teaching Towards Freedom:  Moral Commitment And Ethical Action For The Classroom.

     Bill is not the man I would go to for instruction in moral commitment or ethical action but there he is leading the innocent children towards freedom.  Put the titles together:  A Kind And Just Parent,  Zero Tolerance and Teaching Towards Freedom.

     What does freedom mean to the Communist?  It means the ability to indulge your every whim.  That means being ‘sexually liberated.’  Society is and always has been opposed to homosexuality.  Society has always rigidly taught that homosexuality is psychotic  behavior and should be abjured at all costs.  Therefore by the ‘cruel and unnatural’ methods of traditional education ‘freedom’ is being denied.  The current drive is to teach pederasty in kindergarten as a move toward sexual freedom.  Who is behind this movement?  I suspect a driving force will be found to be Bomber Billy Ayers and his disciple Barry ‘Bama.

     If one listens to Barry, the head of the Pederast Party, he’s right there pushing pederasty under tne names of justice and freedom.  The connection between Bomber Bill and Barry ‘Bama begins to become clearer and it’s not mere association.



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