Israel, Georgia And The United States


Israel, Georgia And The United States


R.E. Prindle


     I wonder if the politicians of the world today realize that they are people without consituencies.  Nobody endorses what they they are doing.  They are functioning so completely independently of the electoral process that if they are unaccountable to any constituency they are unsupported by one.

     One is amazed to hear Executive (I can’t honestly call him President) Bush tell the Russians what to do.  What exactly does he have to back up his mouth?  Does he believe the powerless Israelis have any meaning?  I mean these people are straw men.  They’re just stuffed with bravado.  Nobody can convince me these are high IQ people.  Nonsense.  Let’s see it.  Take away US support and the Israelis vanish into thin air.  They have no real existence.  Why does anyone pay attention to them?

     The Israelis are leaning on a reed that is incapable of acting.  Executive Bush has no army and no popular support to raise one.  The men in Iraq and Afghanistan are National Guardsmen plundered from their homes leaving the US undefended.  Ex Bush can’t recruit replacements for them.  Nobody in their right mind would want to serve in the ridiculous so-called army he has created.  It’s so bad he can’t let the one already captive out.

     The armed forces increasingly consist of homos, women and a motley collection of foreign nationals cum immigrants who can’t speak the language although they’re classed as ‘Americans.’    No wonder he had to destroy the lives of these National Guardsmen.

     Why is Ex Bush doing this for the benefit of a powerless bunch of creeps like the Israelis?  Didn’t he see Wag The Dog?  What’s in it for him?  Why does he let this scraggly Israeli tail wag the US dog?

     After Executive Bush is turned out of office what are we to have?  A choice between incompetents.  Some ignorant social worker from Chicago filled with hate and resentment or another tool of the Israelis.

     This has gone far beyond the possibility of Israeli denial.   To scream ‘anti-Semitism’ at this point is so laughable no one can take them seriously.  Seriously, they have no substance; they’re just verbiage.

     Who are these people, these politicians and what do they think they’re doing?  Don’t they realize they have any connection to reality?

     The world has devolved into sheer madness.


5 comments on “Israel, Georgia And The United States

  1. Yes. That ignorant social worker from
    Chicago ain’t no ghetto brother. We
    need some mutha fucking ghetto hoes
    and niggars in politics in order to
    pimp the system ghetto style. You
    know what I mean?

  2. To say you have a “mind,” dear sir, is to assume a lot on your part. Perhaps you should change your little hot air blog to R.E. Prindle speak his Mindless… or R.E. Prindle thinks he evades being called an anti-Semitism by including the term in his unsupported, heavily biased smear report.

    I can only wish for you that someone staples a kippa to your head and sets you loose in Gaza. Funny thing is, put a shmata on your head and walk anywhere in Israel and you would not be harmed.

    May you get your virgins soon in the depths of hell, and may they all have longer beards than you!

    Love & Kisses

  3. DVIR: That was a great one. May the curse of the Pharaohs settle on your head for all eternity, the bird of paradise fly up your nose, an elephant caress you with his toes, etc. etc.

    Best always.

  4. Jewish dominance has been an ongoing campaign for centuries, there have been periodic halts and setbacks. Is it possible that this time it will be different due to media/mind control? I wonder if this weapon is more powerful than guns. They also have guns in the form of Homeland Security and the new “Homegrown Terrorist” laws, with an Israeli Jew Michael Chertoff as ‘top cop‘, with another Jew, Mulkasey as top lawyer. I understand your point “they have no substance; they’re just verbiage”. In a chat room or blog environment, they never fail to type a page when a couple of sentences would do. The volume of words conceals the lack of a truth, like the Talmud itself. This is what I like about your style, you just spit it out and move on.

  5. jedberten: I get wordier. I use contemporary notes as a propaganda site. Strafing and bombing runs. If you’re inclined you can check out my site where I use an essay format. You might check out my posts Books I&II of Something Of Value and The Deconstruction Of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ America. I just mention it as I don’t like to recommend readings, doesn’t mean I don’t do it, I just don’t like to do it.

    As to the centuries old campaign I’m reading Thomas Keightley’s Secret Societies Of The Middle Ages. In it he describes an Ismaili (Assassin) technique that sounds quite similar to the seeming Jewish process. As all three Semitic religions follow more or less the same techniques this is not surprising.

    The course of instruction in the university proceeded…by the following nine degrees:- the object of the first, which was long and tedious, was to infuse doubts and difficulties in the mind of the aspirant, and to lead him to repose a blind confidence in the knowledge and wisdom of his teacher. To this end he was perplexed with captious questions; the absurdities of the literal sense of the Koran, and its repugnance to reason, were studiously pointed out, and dark hints were given that beneath this shell lay a kernel sweet to the taste and nutritive to the soul. But all further information was most rigorously withheld till he had consented to bind himself by a most solemn oath to absolute faith and blind obedience to his instructor.

    This seems to have been the direction of the last two thousand years. The blind obedience to the Israeli will of Bush and Congress would seem to imply great success if not a culmination of the plan.

    Tenet 2 is expressed:

    When he had taken the oath he was admitted to the second degree, which inculcatd the acknowledgement of the imams appointment by God as the sources of all knowledge.

    Bush and Congress seem to have reached this point. With the agencies and laws being put in place it may be felt that the rest of us can be dragooned into compliance.

    However skipping to the last tenet, the ninth degree, it states:

    The ninth degree had only to inculcate that nought was to be believed, everything might be done.

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

    Now, that is the way Jews are now behaving. If the silly gentiles accept the same conclusion they will realize that nothing that the Jews believe is true and they have no authority. The whole program being a mental aberration is self defeating.
    That’s why the Jews always lose.

    So as all three Semitic religions have no authority there is no reason to accord respect or pay attention to them.

    Without meaning there is no purpose.

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