Post Modern Liberal Insanity #6


Post Modern Liberal Insanity #6:

The Rodent In The Woodpile


R.E. Prindle


     The issue of hypocrisy is often brought against Liberals.  For instance Liberals felt justified in provoking a horribly destructive war against Serbia but then they now condemn Russia for answering aggression in Georgia.

     What we have here is a religious problem in which as a religion based in the Old Testament like Christianity and Judaism Liberals believe that they are acting as God’s vicars on Earth.  What they do is divinely sanctioned; what you do comes from human vanity so there is no hypocrisy in the the Liberal, Jewish or Christian mind.

     You can be a hypocrite but they can’t; just as you can be a bigot but an African can’t.  They are in effect justified sinners.  Thus they now play the old joke in Georgia- two wrongs don’t make a right a third does.  Thus the provoking Georgian attack on Ossetia is quickly swept under the rug while attention is concentrated on the Russian reaction as the original offence.  The role of aggressor is then shifted from Georgia to Russia.  Thus the Russians have been set up as the bad guys.  The response to the Russian aggression, the third wrong then comes across as justified and right.  Three wrongs make a right.

     The Israelis  and Liberals cannot be allowed to succeed in this old ploy.  We do know what’s going on, don’t we?

     Obviously there is a great deal more at stake here than making Russia look bad.  Undoubtedly there is an attempt to intimidate Russia into being contrite and as an apology and compensation allowing missiles to be installed in Georgia.  These would obviously be meant to get as close to Iran as possible for pin point accuracy.

     The question to be asked here is the age old query:  Is it good for the Jews?  The answer is obviously yes.  So, who’s the rodent in the woodpile?


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