Post Modern Liberal Insanity #5


Post Modern Liberal Insanity #5


R.E. Prindle


     An amazing phenomenon of the last sixty years is the Liberal concentration on the disabled, the unable, the crippled and least productive segments of society.  Naturally this essay has nothing adverse to say about any of those groups but only the Liberal concentration on them.

     Small fortunes, for instance, have been spent to insure access for a miniscule number of the population.  The amount spent for the benefits obtained are way out of proportion.  The amount spent may break down to tens of thousands of dollars per beneficiary.

     One wonders if all those millions spent for the benefit of the very few who are less able to contribute might not have been more productively spent on those capable of making a contribution to society.

     Why this concentration on the sick?  One must consider the Freudian implications of the Liberal preoccupation  with the unable, disabled and least productive.  Of what concern can the sexual habits of homosexuals be to Liberals?  Why do the Liberals insist on putting five year old kindergartners in harm’s way?  How can this be justified?  Oh yes, there are ‘good’ reasons but in cities that seem to be chronically short of money where libraries, education, police and fire services are constantly threatened to be curtailed unless Liberal administrations are voted money for these essentially useless items one wonders what the real reasons are.  One can’t expect Liberals to make sense and they don’t.

     Can it be that it is because Liberals are psychologically crippled and wish to replicate their condition in society?  In finding money for things useful to a small minority of disabled that they are attempting to apply salve to their own psychic wounds?  Can that be why so many of their policies seem to be founded on unreason?  I think it might be time to psychoanalyze the Liberal psyche.




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