Henry Ford And Louis Marshall


Henry Ford And Louis Marshall


R.E. Prindle


     In 1920-21 Henry Ford bought the Dearborn Independent and began a series of articles describing the machinations of what he called the International Jew or in other words, The International Jewish Conspiracy.

     He was immediately leaped on and derided by a coalition of Jewish organizations orchestrated by the President of the American Jewish Committee, Louis Marshall.  Mr. Marshall derided Ford as a deluded, demented, paranoid anti-Semite.  Yet in a letter to New York State Senator Henry W. Pollack dated February 11, 1911 Mr. Marshall describes just such an organization.  Of course in doublespeak he makes it sound like an admirable organization.  Read this quotation carefully:  pp. 28-29.

The American Jewish Committee was organized some five years ago (1906) immediately after the massacres at Kischineff, Odessa and other localities in Russia, for the purpose of establishing a medium whereby the Jews of America might come to the assistance of their suffering brethren in other parts of the world.  On previous occasions when prompt action was necessary, it was found that there was no existing organization which was capable of grappling with the situations.  Almost simultaneously with these shocking occurrences in Russia, there were similar outbreaks in Roumania and Morrocco, which resulted in indescribable suffering to the Jews.  Shortly thereafter there followed a serious conflagration in the Jewish quarter of Constantinople; (Istanbul) the San Francisco earthquake, which destroyed practically all the Jewish houses of worship, and a famine, from which the Jews suffered in Persia.  These are only a few of the instances…

     As can plainly be seen Mr. Marshall was describing an international organization solely for the benefit of the Jews although those same Jews claimed to be loyal citizens of their respective countries.  The sufferings of the Jews is his primary and only concern.  It is only their relief that he cares about, the rest can go to Hades as far as he is concerned. 

     To obtain money for this relief a virtual tax was placed on all Americans through the criminal control of the clothing and foodstuffs industries administered by men who the authorities considered arch criminals, Arnold Rothstein, Lepke Buchalter,  but who to the Jewish organization were agents and to the Jewish people heroes.

     Ford’s articles in the Independent exposed these machinations.  It was therefore necessary for Mr. Marshall to denounce, vilify and discredit him, to render his voice null.  Mr. Marshall was successful in this effort.


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