‘Anthrax Case Slowly Zeroed In On Scientist…’


‘Anthrax Case Slowly Zeroed In On Scientist…’


R.E. Prindle


     The title was the headline in our daily paper.  The thing struck me in a number of different ways.  A new witch hunt, the belated religious reaction to the scientific challenge?  The thought of James Watson came to mind and then the manner in which this Knoxville church shooting has been managed.

     There is the vague implication that the ‘scientist’ is bad because he’s a scientist.  This is what you can expect from scientists.  The title is used with the same implication that an anti-Semite uses to say the word Jew.  The intonation disturbs; it’s caught by the mind.  James Watson was made to genuflect to the Liberal pederasts and apologize.  Then he lost his job and emoluments, being exiled to Lower Slobovia.

     In the anthrax case the scientist conveniently comitted suicide, or was he ‘shot while trying to escape?’  As he is dead there is no one to contest the findings while the ‘suicide’ itself is a confession of guilt.

     One is inevitably reminded of the movie Wag The Dog.  If you haven’t seen it, you should; if you have, watch it again, closely.  How are we to tell the difference between manufactured news, virtual news, and the News?  It’s all done with mirrors and cameras.  Wolf Blitzer shows ‘interviews’ with a bunch of of White male ‘bigots’ in Copperheels, Tennessee or somewhere, anywhere, could be one of thousands of towns all across America he says.  It doesn’t even matter if such a place as Copperheels exists, if it didn’t we’d have to invent it, wouldn’t we?  It’s just that attitude.  There’s that White bigot on camera up there on the screen intoning as though on cue:  ‘I don’t believe Hussein Obama is a good Christin’, that’s all.’  Back in the studio Wolf Blitzer shakes his hoary head sadly and inscredulously intoning in his turn:  ‘Does anyone believe this can exist in America here in the twenty-first century?’  Poor Wolf.  His whole vision of Altruria is blasted.

     And then the UU church shooting.  What’s behind that?  The opening roundup call for Hussein Obama dissenters?  All of a sudden this individual who may or may not have committed a real, rather than a virtual, crime, I have seen no evidence that it wasn’t a staged virtual crime, represents a class of truly, reprehensible human beings who ought to be exterminated.  Pacifistic Liberals were calling for ‘Conservative’ hides.  It’s the ‘International Jewish Conspiracy’ all over again, except with different villains.

     What does the UU care about anal sex anyway?  Put signs out on the front lawn promoting pederasty?  Say, what?  Maybe it’s time the Protestant churches, Christian or post-Christian, stand back, take a look and adopt a more balanced approach. 

     Let  us hope that cooler heads prevail.  Where’s a Louis Marshall when you need him?


2 comments on “‘Anthrax Case Slowly Zeroed In On Scientist…’

  1. I blame the scientists. If we didn’t have the theory of gravity this man may very well have not even mailed the anthrax, out of concern that it may have floated away.

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