Who’s For Vice?


Who’s For Vice?


R.E. Prindle



     Here it is August and neither candidate is willing to take us into his confidence and tell us who he has selected for Vice.  Why Not?  How revolted are we going to be?  I’m not anxious but I know it’s going to be bad.

     As far as Obama goes I’m going out on a limb and bypass Rev. Wright and any other Negro and guess, guess is the operative word here, guess he’s going to pick a White male from Sweet Home Chicago. 

     You guessed it.

     The Mad Bomber, Wild Billy Ayers.  Guilty as sin, free as a bird and headed for the White House.  What a country, to finish Billy’s quote.  I admit it’s a stretcher and may be improbable but Billy is the most detestable Democratic possiblity I can come up with.  You know Obama’s choice is going to make us retch and you know who he owes.

     As far as McCain goes I think he’ll probably go down to the border in Brownsville and get that Brownsville girl.  He’ll choose a half Black, half Hispanic female anchor baby with a noticeable limp and a speech impediment.  That ought to cover all the bases.  Doesn’t instill much confidence but it is a pretty good indicator that the Senator is short on prejudice in this racist country of ours.  What a guy.  We can all get a glow on voting for her.  I mean, him.

     So, if the usual potshots are taken at the new President and succeed, on the one hand we will be at the mercy of Billy Ayers and the Weathermen.  There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m not laughing.

     In McCain’s case he may just croak leaving us with this unique female to call the…uh…shots.

   Pretty scary anyway you look at it.




3 comments on “Who’s For Vice?

  1. Nice (?) theory, but impossible, even in comedy: the Presidentia; candidate and his Vice-Presidential running mate cannot be from the same state, according to the Constitution.

  2. Well, there’s a way around everything, especially for the lawless Billy Ayers. Besides Obama isn’t from Illinois having been born in Hawaii, lived in Indonesia and claims Kenya as his second home. Which State would claim him?

    You should be a little more cynical, Diogenes.

  3. Well it looks that Obama can stop looking to get in bed with John Edwards as a VP. Edwards has done got caught with his pants down it seems! This could get all the way down to Obama and hurt him again as he was endorsed by Edwards and Edwards campaigned for Obama. Just add Edwards to the list with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and The Nation of Islam! I was always told that a person will turn out like the friends they hang around with, and if thats true Obama has been hanging with some very low people! http://xrl.us/okwke

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