Post Modern Liberal Insanity #3


Post Modern Liberal Insanity #3


R.E. Prindle


     There was a time when ‘Liberals’ had causes that meant something.  Ending child labor, ending lynching, the eight hour day, things that meant something while improving the quality of life for millions of people.

     The pressure was on; those things were gradually achieved.  Of course you didn’t have to be a Liberal to oppose child labor, lynching or equitable hours but the Liberal took the credit. Heck Henry Ford, not usually credited with being a Liberal, established the eight hour day by fiat on his own.  With the most egregious inequities corrected by sometime after WWII  the Liberals had run out of causes.  While dreaming up new actions one of the things they settled on was sex.  Sexual attitudes were too Puritan or Victorian they said, just as though God had told them the Puritans and Victorians were wrong.  We had to turn sex away from reproduction into recreation, then wars would end.  We needed more pornography they said so anti-pornography laws disappeared and soon we had Deep Throat and Debbie Does Everyone On Earth as mainstream family entertainment.

     Liberals became sexually liberated.  They’d do anything.  Then this strange concept of ‘democracy’ emerged where it was undemocratic not to be sexually liberated, not ‘democratic’ to place restriction on public sex or to encourage young boys and girls to become homosexuals and lesbians.  I always thought fucking was the most universally democratic thing in the world.  If you want to do it, do it.  But apparently homoseuxals wanted you to watch and applaud them while they were doing it.

     Israeli occupied Hollywood created a forty mile diameter zone around itself where pornography was legal.  Then they mode homosexual sex films and distributed them across country as family entertainment, put them on TV.

     Their argument was you didn’t have to watch if you didn’t want to.  See that little knob there?  Just turn it off.  Then they said you couldn’t turn it off or criticize their behavior becvause it was ‘undemocratic.’  When we pointed out they they didn’t have to read criticisms of themselves if they didn’t want to, that argument was no longer valid; not applicable in the circumstances.

     But then the homosexual Liberals stepped over the line.  They made it mandatory to teach five year old boys and girls to be homosexuals in the public schools.  The Democratic majority objected but homosexual judges said they they would determine what was democratic and what wasn’t and if any member of the majority didn’t like it, a jail cell was waiting.  The judges controlled the police.  This is a nation of ‘laws.’

     So Democracy now meant the rule of a perverted minority against the will not only of the majority but nature.

     There is a reason that sexualization doesn’t take place until puberty at twelve or thirteen.  It’s called being mature enough to begin to deal with sexuality.  Nature doesn’t even care if you’re mentally mature or not but it is necessary to be physically mature so that girls can bear the strain of birth.  Two, three or four kids later they can die as far as nature is concerned.  In natural conditions the girls did.

     In civilized conditions they don’t.  Nor do young children who need those years to deal with increasingly complex adjustments need to have sexual concerns thrust upon them.  Yeah, I know, I’ve heard about those monkeys too, but I don’t live in a tree.  All the Liberals want is the young and pure to do anyway.  If you haven’t gotten it figured out homosexuality is a mental disease.  Man boy love indeed!

     This is what Liberals have come to:  diseased sex.  Such a disgusting end.  However if a great majority cannot manage a minority what can one say?  If the majority is willing to tolerate such an obscentity then they deserve to endure what they let be imposed on them.

     Somebody must know these politicians and judges.  Give them a little eye to eye contact.  Take them aside at your clubs.  You know how to do it to the guy down the street or the guy in the next cubicle.  Get on it.


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