Post Modern Liberal Insanity #2


Post Modern Liberal Insanity #2


R.E. Prindle

Fact not Belief

Fact not Belief

     The problem is the Liberals.  Most think Liberalism is just a political approach but it isn’t.  Liberalism is a doctrine.  As a doctrine it is inherently anti-scientific. As science contradicts Liberal doctrine at all points it is the enemy to be suppressed or destroyed.  Thus Liberals are doctrinaires.  They do not like to be called doctrinaires as a doctrinaire is a narrow minded bigot.

     Although they don’t like to acknowledge it they believe themselves superior to other Homo Sapiens species whether Black, Yellow, Red or Tan.  Hence as a superior people they believe these inferiors need their kind attention.  Nor are they unwilling to bestow it.  The worst people in the world are Whites who do not accept their superiority, which is to say, doctrine.

     Of all peoples who they think will most benefit from their guidance are the Africans.  This attitude goes back to the colonization of Africa.  They wish to ‘raise’ the Africans hence all aspects of the media are dedicated to the preferment of the Africans.

     The problem with the Africans is that most Whites believe in one form or another that the African is an earlier species of Homo Sapiens evolution hence less intellectually capable than other Homo Sapiens species.  This opinion runs counter to Liberal doctrine which believes that evolution ceased evolving when the Crown of Creation, Homo Sapiens, appeared.  One can’t be certain that Liberals are Creationists but if not their notions of evolution appear skewed.

     As you know within the last decade or so terrific advances have been made in genetics.  These studies indicate as one might expect that the African or First Born is an anterior species of Homo Sapiens evolution.

Primary fact.

Primary fact.

   As this runs counter to Liberal doctrine they make very effort to suppress the scientific facts.  As the facts will come out the Liberal approach is to discredit and defame any scientist who is so ‘unwise’ as to voice the facts.                                          

     This was the case recently with James Watson.  Watson of course takes co-credit for the discovery of DNA.  That was back in 1947.  Watson has not been standing still since then running a premier research center until his debacle.
     He merely said that the genetic news coming out of Africa was not looking good.  There was no inquiry into the nature of his facts; there was no discussion allowed; the Liberals merely denounced James Watson as a fool who had outlived his time.  At Liberal direction he was stripped of all honors and emoluments.  Driven from his laboratory.
     While it’s easy to calculate Don ‘Ho’ Imus’ financial penalty for using a word it is less easy to determine the financial penalty Watson must endurefor his words.  As all his speeches and appearances were canceled along with  his job one assumes it runs into the millions.
     Liberals think such absurd penalties for words just.  But then Liberals are doctrinaires.  What do we have to do to get loose from these albatrosses and wash them out of our hair?
Let’s try Science.

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