Post Modern Liberal Insanity #1


Post Modern Liberal Insanity #1


R.E. Prindle

     For life to be worth living one’s world must be orderly and sane.  In any just world (I’m not talking JUST, just just.)  the punishment must approximate the crime.  Crime itself must be sanely defined.  What is a crime?  Is it a crime to loot the economy and retire to a virtual castle with your ill gotten gains with no censure or penalty?  Apparently not. 

     Is it a crime to use a word or term in common usage by a well defined racial minority comprising 15% of the population.  Apparently so.  What is the penalty, if any is merited, for using a two letter nondescript word like ‘Ho’.  As much as three hundred million dollars and horrible disgrace.

     Are those two examples insane?  In this blurb they are.

     The former is too obvious for further comment while the latter still has room for fresh insights.


Why is everybody always picking on me?

Why is everybody always picking on me?

The man who said ‘ho’ was Don Imus.  He was fired from his job which with emoluments was worth perhaps 50 million dollars a year.  Extended a mere six years that amounts to the little word ‘ho’ being worth 300 million dollars.

     Now Africans use the word everyday in common discourse.  A couple years ago I watched an Afro-American movie in which a cultured young middle class Negro was dining a gorgeous cultivated sweet young Negress.  Gazing dreamily into her eyes over the table he ejaculated:  ‘You sure are one good looking ho.’  If ho is a compliment on a first date why did it cost Don Imus 300 million dollars?  Crazy, huh?

That old laughable hypocrite Al Sharpton called for Imus’ firing.  Then he probably turned to his side kick and said:  ‘Say, man, who is good looking ho over there?’

Man, you don't know how the word 'ho' hurts me.

Man, you don't know how the word 'ho' hurts me.


         This is the insanity one has to live with in this world. World, hell; these here United States.  I’m no innocent.  In my youth I called women ‘broads’ which is the Mafia equivalent of ‘ho.’  I shouldn’t have watched all those old Frank Sinatra movies.  Nathan Detroit…whew!

     Back in those days we were politely corrected.  I’m not saying I got the message the first time but I did eventually understand the error of my ways.  Fortunately I wasn’t denied employment for the rest of my life.  Let’s see six years times 3500.00 per year equals 21,000 dollars.  Not much but anyway Imus has a heck of a lot more money in the bank now than I did then.

     But, you see, if saying ho thirty or fifty times a day isn’t a crime for 42 million Black people why was Imus fined 300 million dollars for saying it?  Don’t you think that is insane?  I sure do.

     Meanwhile some few bankers steal a trillion dollars or so by making loans they know are bad and the government bails them out.  They don’t lose a dime and keep the trillion.  Do you call that justice?  This simple but sincere writer calls it a crime.


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