Turn The Beat Around


Turn The Beat Around


R.E. Prindle

     Time changes everything; turns that beat around.

     Back in 1789 the incipient Liberal nation stood for liberty, freedom of conscience, speech and all that stuff.  Apparently that only meant freedom for themselves and death to everyone else.  These jokers today claim to be against capital punishment.

     Shortly after throwing off the monarchy Liberals went into a murderous rampage killing everything in its path including themselves.  The Revolution ate its children.

     Liberals now tell us:  Well, that was a mistake, the wrong people seized power.  We learn from our mistakes.

     And the the learning curve progressed to Stalin, Mao and…Pol Pot.

     Nowhere in the Liberal litany of freedom of speech, conscience and all that is much of it prominent for others.  Those virtues are only necessary for themselves; all others are to be denied.

     Now the Weathermen are surfacing after forty years or so behind their dream candidate, Barack Obama.  Billy ‘Guilty As Sin, Free As A Bird’ Ayers is a director of the Obama candidacy.  Bernadette Dohrn can’t be far behind.  The little ol’ bomb maker, Billy, stands fair to have an important position in Obama’s cabinet.  Imagine Governor Billy the head of Homeland Security.  Oh goodness, let’s deep six that idea.

     Once in power will the same mistakes by the wrong people continue as in 1793, 1917 and 1848 or are the Liberals going to get it right this time, whatever ‘right’ means to the meatheads.  Naw, get serious.

     It’s time we turned the beat around, took the baton from the loonies and conducted the orchestra ourselves.  Give the Liberals the pointy toe of our boots right about there.



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