Hello New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss


Barry Obama And His Handlers 2

Hello New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss


R.E. Prindle

     I hope you’ve noticed how slick the job has been to install Barry in the Presidency.  This has been smooth.  That dumb schmuck Mugabe in Zimbabwe actually goes and kneecaps the opposition.  Leave it to us to show him how to fix an election in first class, First World, Big Eight style.  Obama’s handlers began to condition your minds long ago.  All those movies, TV shows, rap records for the young and young at heart.  Taught you have to sing as you went with the flow.  Now you’ll be working on Maggie’s Farm whether you like it or not.  Barry will have a ‘mandate’ to strip you of your freedoms.

     Thus an intellectual non-entity like McCain was set up as the opposition with instructions to roll over which he is doing.  Why roll over at 71.  He isn’t going to live that much longer anyway.  Might as well be President if you have the chance.  Bill Clinton was a glitch in the plan who bid fair to overturn the plan but the Clintons were hacked out of there.  Close call though.  Then Hillary in her best high school White girl fashion stood real close to Barry with both her hands on his wrist and pledged eternal fidelity after November while Barry looked coldly down on her in rejection.  Why not, when you’ve got a Michele at home.

     A little while back Bush fired a couple Generals who undoubtedly would have been resisters to the plan.  More will undoubtedly follow when they realize what the plan is and don’t wish to ‘go with the flow.’

     Now just the other day Jesse Jackson was set aside and trashed.  He was set up with the old open mike ploy, prodded with a leading question and stepped into the trap.  Following Communist tradition his son, Jesse Jackson Jr. who owes dad more than somewhat publicly trashed the old Governor.

     Al Sharpton will undoubtedly be next which will give us all a warm feeling and make us think that everything is going our way.  Any other old Negro dinosaurs who have outlived their usefulness will follow, I’m sure.  On the White side, more Don Imuses.

     With the Army and police in their pocket obama and his handlers will have you in their pocket.  A neat police State exceeding that of Soviet Russia will be in place.   Billy Ayers will have trumped the whole political system.  A real Communist triumph.  And you said it couldn’t happen here.

     After that comes the Great American Gulag System.  Off to the camps with those Generals, Jackson, Sharpton and all who will not accept the plan.  The Africans say they are going to riot if they don’t get their way?  Listen, by inauguration time the economy will have collapsed, we will be in full Depression and there will be a lot more people than the Africans in the street.



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